Removing The Negative From Politics

By admin ~ October 15th, 2012 @ 4:40 am

Our society needs qualified leaders, right? How do we get them? Our Constitution provides for a system to elect these people to operate our government. It was meant to help us choose the very best of us to be our leaders. But those who wrote the document had no knowledge of the power of TV and other mass media to influence elections, much less the ability of the Internet to inject millions of different opinions into every political situation. These factors have brought the influence of money into political contests at every level and produced the negative phenomenon of vicious attacks from all candidates toward every other opponent.

During my early years I paid no attention to positive thinking as opposed to negative ideas. Then it became clear that nothing good can survive in a negative cloud. My living plan requires me to avoid negatives by leaving a person or group involved in bad discussions or ignoring the situation if that is possible. Sometimes there is no way to avoid negative contact. Those are the times when some kind of positive outcome must be developed. To simply accept a negative result as it is creates a foundation for more bad outcomes.

Politics and politicians have produced a culture of negativism in America. The massive amounts of wealth required to mount even an unsuccessful run for office have effectively eliminated most of the qualified candidates who might like to seek office. Now, many may say those who are running are the best contenders because they have years of experience. But, those were years spent as professional politicians and the result is constant bickering between the political parties and a Congress with a close to zero rating. The need is for new people with significant amounts of experience outside politics; only with such people can we ever hope for better government. But none of them will ever be able to run for office because they don’t have Bloomberg wealth nor the ability to mount massive fund-raising organizations.

Why is this allowed to continue?

Congress and lower legislative bodies are the only people who could control the political spending situation, if they wanted to. They don’t have any interest in any sort of restraint on the current process. They are looking after themselves and wealth for their future. That’s why they became professional politicians to start with-to profit from perks and income associated with their tenure in office. Successful politicians are able to peddle influence and favors to the extent large numbers of wealthy and powerful people are beholden to them. This provides opportunities for lucrative after politics careers as lobbyists, highly paid speakers, and top jobs in big companies that do business with the government.

Our leaders have been reduced to bickering among themselves and placing blame for all sorts of irrelevant events so that nothing very significant has been accomplished. I live in a resort area and things are so ludicrous that a major form of entertainment for weekenders and vacationers is to watch the proceedings of several local governing bodies on TV. They look like old slap-stick comedy shows. And everyone knows how ineffective Congress is; look at the ratings that sometimes are near ZERO.

These ideas would go a long way toward improving the quality of our elected leaders:

1. Limit any campaign season to nine months. It is ridiculous that we have had to endure over two years of inane bickering among so many candidates.

2. Prohibit all radio or TV political advertising of any kind.

3. Local candidates, including up to the county and city level, should be limited to $1,000.

4. State level candidates, including the Governor, should be limited to $100,000.

5. Congressional candidates and Senators should be limited to $500,000.

6. The Presidential candidates should be limited to $1,000,000.

What do I wish to accomplish with this article? My hope is that maybe someone will be encouraged to write their legislators on a continuous basis so that meaningful spending caps will eventually be enacted. Only when the average person can afford to run for office, not intending to be a career politician, can we once again have qualified leaders.

This is a positive spin on a very negative process. Let’s all try to do something about it through our elected leaders or, perhaps, the court system.


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