The Mystery Behind Birth and Death

By admin ~ September 30th, 2012 @ 5:40 pm


It is the creation and beginning of a brand new world, a brand new life, a life that as not seen hate, shame and pain…

A journey that starts from a world of obscurity, a journey that thrives and develops under the influence of either love or lust, it all begins when two different souls exchange powerful passion, love and lust in secrecy… This passion plants a divine but mortal seed in a fertile and beautiful land..

A seed that gradually possesses spirit, soul and body. This is the only time a new and vulnerable life is being carried and nurtured in the mist of another existing and corrupt life, what a big ambiguity…

Even though both live’s strive everyday to survive, the almighty never allow one to outshine the other….

It best describes and depict the very beauty behind co-existing, when two live’s live and grow as one…

In this case there are no conflicts, argument, hatred, politics, or democracy, here all that exist is a hidden but peaceful co-existence..

A time will come when each life will have to go their separate ways, this when the burden, pain, joy and troubles of the world has to be carried alone..

This is the very essence of “BIRTH”, the loud but innocent cry signifies and represents the arrival of this expected and long awaited guest.

Here a new chapter is opened, a new opportunity begins, a fresh grace is released and a virgin dream is let out into the world of struggles and stress….


The very opposite of birth, here an end comes, every new thing becomes old, there is no more room for correction, all opportunities have been lost and one just wait for the unknown to happen..

It starts with the soul getting wary and weak, it begins with the heart loosing touch with the rest of the body, which gives the soul the sign to depart and join the celestial bodies…

This is when the spirit begins to see and dwell in the subconscious world, a world no mortal eyes has seen..

Now there is no more communication with filthy mortals, the link between the soul and body has been broken, the body is left motionless and useless.

The body just stay and stare with a look of lost and illusion..Here the soul now has a new voice, now the soul has no choice but to remain in this new world, a world far above all reality, the soul now dwells and wallow in a beautiful fantasy, a fantasy that breathes in it a new life….

Thought both birth and dead happens to man, they are two important process that every man or woman can never do without, because with these mysteries life goes on and on without any end in sight, it gives room for new life to start and space for the old life to go….

So BIRTH and DEATH are mysteries that mankind is yet to solve, think about it.

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