Give Us Barabbas!

By admin ~ September 24th, 2012 @ 9:44 am

Well, American Citizens you have figured out where our power is in a Democracy. As the rest of the world looks on to see true democracy we the, American Citizens, have given the world a glimpse of what true democracy looks like. I am so proud to be a part of this moment in our nation’s history. As you know, the nation of Iraq is watching the United States to see what democracy looks like so they can decide if democracy is something they want for their nation.

On Election Day, I prepared myself to vote a straight democratic ticket. You see, I had my mind made up to vote for anybody new on the ticket. I decided if I wanted something new from my representative, I had to pick new representatives. I kept hearing the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ say, “You cannot put new wine into old bottles or else they will burst.” (Luke 5 verse 37) If we want something new from our public servants, we will need to vote new public servants into office. So with that in mind, I began my mission to the polling place. When I arrived there, there was not a line. I entered the voting facility and into the vote booth I went. It took me all of five minutes to finish voting for new representatives after reading the propositions. I placed my ballot in a box and then gave my name to person who looked it up in another book and saw my name there. I was done. My feelings at the time were positive and cheerful. I rented a movie and returned home to watch the voting results on television.

Now what were the American Citizens thinking who voted for Republicans? Well I can only guess they were praying for a miracle. As I listened to the people calling in on C-SPAN explaining why they voted Republican all I heard was: “We must keep our party strong.” It seems their party is more important than our nation. Well, isn’t that just like when the chief priest and the elders shouted “give us Barabbas and crucify Jesus.” (John 18 verse 40) The reason the chief priest and the elders chose Barabbas was because the Lord Jesus Christ spoke truth to the people where the religious leaders manipulated the people with lies; knowing this the elders feared they would lose the people; therefore they had to have the Lord Jesus Christ killed to keep the people coming to them for spiritual guidance. The Republican Party wants the same thing from the American people. Did not the Republicans own the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate? With all that power what was our nation pay off? Let me start off with the attack on America on 9/11; the Iraqi war; high prescription drugs for our elderly; they failed to raise the minimum wage; displaced American citizens by our government because of Katrina; and we have immigration problems that were not fixed by the Republican regimes. I figured these American Citizens must be religious and full of pride. Is it that they could not see that total power corrupted their party? Now do not get me wrong, absolute power corrupted the Democratic Party too; that is how the Republicans got absolute power in the first place. Sounds like the Republicans would rather have the same party in total charge of America than have the right public servants doing the right things for our nation to be strong and powerful again. I guess doing wrong is better than doing right according to the republicans.

We have the American media who appears to be trying to figure this out or they believe that they are intelligent enough to prophesy to the American Citizens the reasons why the Republicans were voted out of office. Might I just state to the media, the reason is because the Republicans failed to do the biding of the American Citizens. They did the bidding of Corporate America. When will the media understand that their job is to report the news as it happens with research to back up their reporting? I have watched all the news media and listened to all the radio talk shows, and read the news papers concerning this election and all appears to write from their culture perspective. When I see only the European doing all of the talking and writing of the election, I know the story is going to be told in many different ways, but with the same perspective. I am automatically turned off. So I speak to Hispanic, Asians, Indian, Arab, African, and Jewish Americans to get a full understanding of what is the truth concerning the reported story by the media. They all tell me the same thing “Unemployment and low wages.” So I say to the media please get it right. When people are educated and unemployed they have more time to watch CSPAN who is the eyes and ears of our nation. The everyday people are educating themselves by watching CSPAN. The newspapers, television and radio talk shows are not for the working Americans they are for corporate America and their political party. So if you really want to know why the Republicans were voted out of office it is because the American Citizens educated themselves concerning the representative for the last two years. I write my representative often during the year. Some write back and some are too busy to write back. The ones who were too busy to write back and help me, I did not vote for them.

American Citizens you now understand how our democracy really works right? Voting for the right representative at the state and local level is very important. The presidential election is when our state and local representative place their vote for the President okay. Remember Al Gore won the popular vote and President Bush won the electoral vote. Then the Supreme Court joined in with the electoral and Bush became our President. We the people are only powerful at the state and local level and that is why it is so important to elect public servants who will remember that we the people elected them to take care of our state interest. They will be the ones who will elect the next president of the United States of America so it is very important that we the American Citizens vote for public servants who have our best interest at heart. They are not elected to be little kings traveling around the world spending money going to private and expensive parties. So to the new and old public servants you have two years to do the job your state elected you to do. If in two years nothing has changed for the better you all will be fired. Unemployment has served its purpose for the American Citizens; without unemployment being so high and wages being so low; we the American Citizens would be too tired to pay attention to what you all were doing in Congress. To the American Citizens who voted for new public servants I just want to thank you for being true patriots by embracing the Constitution not a party. To the American Citizens who voted for the old public servants, why don’t you embrace the Constitution of the United States of America for a change and become true patriots? If you chose not to, then move to Europe at least in Europe selling your soul to a party makes you a patriot.

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