There Were Fine Homes In New Orleans (To the Tune of There is a House in New Orleans)

By admin ~ June 20th, 2012 @ 2:45 pm

1. There were great homes in New Orleans, warmed by the Rising Sun. But now their gone and we’re all screwed, by George, the Son of Guns.

The Prez..he was a goofin. FEMA made us scream. The Gov’ment is a playin games…. down in New Orleans.

2. My Mother was a charming gal. She lived in lower town. And the only time the Prez took note, was when he heard she’d drown……

Now the only thing a Facist needs, is a plan to screw the people. And the only time he’s ever satisfied, is when he mocks and calls them “sheeple.”

3. If only I’d list’nd, when my dear mama did note. “Those men don’t care ’bout us one littlle bit. They laugh when they see us float.”

Go and tell all the people. Brownee’s heck of a job really stunk. And George came and went playing games with the press, leavin’ folks here still stuck in the funk.

4. With one foot on our necklines, and one foot in their mouth. Their ignoring us folks in the New Orleans. You can forget our vote in the South.

We’re going back to New Orleans, don’t know how the Prez could be meana. Stop your damn wars and think for a change. We shall never forget you or Katrina.

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