Some Funny Facts About George Bush

By admin ~ June 10th, 2012 @ 6:07 pm

Fun facts are the piece of information that refresh you and make you laugh.
They will give you a little dose of fun. And the best part about them is, you can talk to your friends and share in parties. It is of much use.

So let us tell you some of the fun facts about Bush.

While he was exchanging an air base in Uzbekistan, a dictator was handed over 500 million dollars for the act of boiling his enemies alive.

Bush shattered all records for annual deficit.

Health care benefits were cut for war veterans.

Bush has made a record. He broke all old records of making the biggest annual budget.

A very interesting fact about bush is, he is the first one as a president who has a criminal history.
He has been arrested for several reasons.

Some of them are drunk driving and organizing an unordered football game.
He has been arrested for stealing a Christmas wreath also.

Bush has denied commenting on drugs once, he has denied undergoing a drug test too.

Bush’s famous best friend is world famous for a fraud.
He is the CEO of Enron Corporation.

No other president in US history has spent so heavy amount on polls. Bush seems to have no concern.
Once he said that he thinks about hop on pop when he goes to sleep in the night.

These were some of the facts about our president. He may be referred as the most popular president, however, everybody knows in what way he is.

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