Democracy is the Only Form of Government That Works For the Common Good

By admin ~ June 13th, 2012 @ 11:31 am

All types of government have limitations. For example, an autocracy in Germany from 1933 to 1945 gave no opportunity for ordinary citizens to participate in state decision making process because an individual or a political party singlehandedly run the nation. While an oligarchy in South Africa during apartheid era set political barriers for the majority black race of the country to get involve in government because only the few white elite managed authority. However, democracy in Canada grants chance for all kinds of citizens to participate in politics although it is limited to minority groups. Since it is impossible to organize a state without regime, therefore I will support democracy as the only form of government that at least works for the common good.

In theory, democracy should engage, energize and enlighten citizens to become informed and active members of society by participating in government. It must allow critical, balanced and free press to evaluate and determine options when designing and delivering appropriate public services. It should employ leaders who accept responsibility for both of their good and bad actions. All in all, it has to provide a space for people to share important information, ideas and experiences for the purpose of political representation, civil contribution, peaceful integration, and capacity building. However, those are just theories. In reality, the public of most democratic nations is discontented with how proactive their government is to the will of citizens. Therefore, they have low levels of trust in their political leaders to do the right things.

In practice, democracy limits public input to elections alone. Election does not generate enough input of the public to modify government policies. Although public opinion and activism are among many ways through which people can contribute their agendas. The political power in democratic countries is controlled by few political elites with their own interests. They are liable to the political parties, rather than to the ordinary citizens. In most cases, they serve special interests of their political associates rather than the interests of the people as a whole. One wonders whether government leaders pay attention to public opinion of their countries when developing public policies. They tend to manipulate the public opinion to defend and legitimise particular predetermined policies.

Developed countries like United States that believes in democracy as the best form of government for all nations have realized that there is will always be a continued failure in maintaining world peace when some countries still suffer under dictatorship or oligarchy. It is an international obligation for such a nation to promote and spread a free and fair democracy in protection of the global society by thriving towards economic development, educational advancement, social equality, human rights, and civil society. However, it should establish open and diplomatic approaches in order to avoid cultural, religious and ideological inconvenience.

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