What do you think about groups donating significant amounts of money to political candidates?

By admin ~ May 20th, 2012 @ 4:55 am
What are some of the positive and negative sides of Political Action Committees?

Do you think that the activities of elected officials would be different if there were no interest groups?
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5 Responses to What do you think about groups donating significant amounts of money to political candidates?

  1. mrs hichefheidi

    The biggest problem I have is when the Supreme Court ruled that money = speech. So you cannot put any restrictions on it, because that would be unconstitutional. BAD IDEA

  2. G-Man

    I blieve that as long as you have the money, whether you are a person or company, you have the right to give it to whoever you want. However, I also believe that their should be a cap on how much money can be given to candidates by businesses and people.

  3. Sliding Into Oblivion

    I think our political system should be less about $$ so the hoes cant be bought and easily influenced

  4. jneg7

    I think that policy is on sale at auction house prices.

    I am not lying read the news.

    I think that your vote does not matter.

  5. vtjames7433

    The biggest problem with money in politics is the ridiculously low amounts that can be given to a candidate. I know what some people are thinking- I must be insane… When the money went to the candidate, they couldnt deny that they were out there attacking their opponents in ads and such- it had to be them for the most part as the outside groups werent all that powerful and didnt have massive amounts of money to spend. Now, it is the outside groups like Moveon.org that have all the money and suddenly they are attacking the oppositions candidates left and right while the candidate that they actually support can claim they have NO PART IN IT and people are gullible enough to believe it. We have allowed outside parties to become the real brokers and let candidates sit by and watch as others do their dirty work. I dont think that is right.
    If you want to reduce the influence of the big money crowd, you enact term limits. Of course if people voted out the incumbants rather than constantly reelecting them we wouldnt have as many problems. There are over 300 million people in the US and you want to tell me we cant find another 500 or so to send to Washington?


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