What college should I go to if I’m interested in political science?

By admin ~ May 14th, 2012 @ 2:00 am
Hey, I’m a junior in high school and I will have to start applying to colleges this summer. Does anyone know a good school I can go to if I’m going to major in political science and then go to law school afterwards?

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3 Responses to What college should I go to if I’m interested in political science?

  1. cunningncharisma

    Most major universities will offer good programs in political science. If you have not ruled out studying in California, consider Claremont. It has an excellent reputation.

  2. Amanda Kay

    Focus on research and social sciences colleges, they are best for this major. What area are you looking to relocate to? Is there a specific region or state, because you can find good universities in almost every state for an undergraduate in political science. In New York State, the best state school poli sci curriculum is the University at Bufffalo, followed closely by the University at Albany (I personally find UB better, though), the best private school is New York University and Columbia. In California, the University of California, San Diego has an awesome political science curriculum and they do a stellar job of preparing their undergraduates for law school and graduate school. Almost every respectable university has a political science program, so no matter what or where you look you can find one – just be sure to look into their credentials as a research university, since you will want that training for law school.

  3. mevadus

    It doesn’t really matter where you went for your Undergraduate Degree. Law Schools look more at your Undergrad GPA and LSAT Score than what school you attended. I suggest you go to and look up a few schools you are interested in attending. Try to choose a school which is moderately competitive. This way the course work for your undergrad degree won’t be too difficult, and you will still be able to compete with the thousands of other kiddies applying to Law School. Remember, GPA and LSAT score are the most important attributes when applying to Law School.


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