Q: How many politics posters does it take to change a light bulb?

By admin ~ May 11th, 2012 @ 2:08 am
A: None. The just sit around in the dark arguing over whose fault it is and scaring off anyone who tries to offer a solution.

Post your own answers, funniest will get the points.

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14 Responses to Q: How many politics posters does it take to change a light bulb?

  1. archeology

    instead of using the light bulbs

    can’t we burn our posters for light? have big campfire

    burn bush obama ect ect to cook smores?

  2. wine reviews

    5. One to hold the light bulb and four to turn the chair.

    @Lib Nemesis: But God doesn’t exist.
    Edit: It’s not my job to prove the nonexistence of your God. It’s your job to support your claim with evidence. Until you can, He doesn’t exist.

    Edit: Maybe you don’t understand how this works. The one who makes the claim, in this case it is the existence of God, must support their claim with evidence. You haven’t. You can’t prove a negative, so the atheist can’t have the burden of proof. Can you prove that there isn’t a little green man in your refrigerator that runs away when you open the door?

    Edit: It’s obvious to anyone who’s seen you post in R&S that you are a theist.. And maybe the green man is invisible when he wants to be.

    There’s no evidence for God’s existence, which should be enough to prove, to a rational person, that he doesn’t exist. If you have a response, send it to my email because I don’t want to keep coming back here.

  3. wahm

    None: There’s enough light glowing off of the computer screen to see.

  4. premium themes for wordpress

    Thirteen and a one half trillion. One dollar for each in our national debt.

  5. mom rox

    first some one has to die a horrible death, everyone jokes about it and trolls then when some one finally asks about the light bulb they are reported 😀

  6. wine reviews

    Thousands of experts to form commissions and hold hearings to search for the root cause as to why the last light bulb went out, at taxpayers expense.

  7. going green tips

    Libs: it’ll take the whole village to change the bulb

    Cons: none, they like to be in the dark.

  8. wahm

    A: None. Half of them argue that darkened light bulbs are cultural and don’t need changed, while the other half simply accept them as another inconvenient truth of global warming.

  9. joomla themes

    I’m Scott White and a leader in my community so I resent the insenuation that I’m stupid or something. The problem here is there are too many fringe elements from both sides and nobody who actually thinks for themselves.

  10. garden wedding favors

    They will not change the light bulb because, they are afraid of the bright light. I would never get them wet or feed them after midnight…

  11. moms thoughts

    GOP…1 they take responsibility and do it themselves…..Libs…..Unknown…it never gets changed they keep trying to get a bill passed for someone ELSE to do the work and for someone ELSE to pay for it…

  12. anniversary party favors

    1 liberal poster to say we should change it to a compact flourescent

    1 conservative to scoff at the need for such a change

    1 libertarian to take a hands off approach to the entire issue

    1 communist to say that all people are equal so everyone should change their own lightbulbs

    1 radical muslim hoping that allah will give them more light

    1 independent to actually get up in and change it because they have no ideology to throw at the others

  13. pirate party planning

    You should take politics and change it to democrats
    A 5,000 Bureaucrats to make sure that the bulb is changed correctly, doesn’t offend anyone, doesn’t impact the environment, doesn’t unfairly benefit one group, doesn’t harm anyone during the installation, and is up to 1945 specifications for light bulbs.

  14. pirate party planning

    All of them. The light bulb will never be replaced though.

    The liberals will create a new branch of government to study the cost of replacing the light bulb and suggest a new tax to pay for it.

    The conservatives will reject the light bulb tax and suggest a cheaper light bulb.

    The liberals will insist on an environmentally friendly energy efficient replacement bulb.

    The conservatives will use facts and studies that show mercury filled light bulbs are not environmentally friendly and use more energy to produce than they will save in the long run.

    The liberals will quote Al Gore and drag out small children holding random pictures of Polar Bear cubs.

    The Libertarians will illuminate the ongoing debate with the spark of Bic lighters and the glowing cherries of joints.

    The Liberals will sneak a union contract into the discussion.

    A new hybrid light bulb will be developed and the partisan bickering will start all over from the beginning.


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