If Barrack Obama Loses the Election – Nearly a Billion Dollars Down the Drain

By admin ~ May 8th, 2012 @ 1:10 am

Prior to the Democratic National Convention, Senator Barrack Obama’s campaign had spent nearly half a billion dollars to win the democratic nomination. Then as he was nominated officially, he was nearly tied in a statistical heat with Senator John McCain. The John McCain expenditures to get nominated were very miniscule compared to Barack Obama’s expenditures. Indeed, it was not even close.

Senator Barrack Obama’s campaign even out spent Hilary Clinton’s campaign by nearly 3:1 when it was all said and done, in fact, it was the largest amount of money spent on a Presidential Campaign in US History. Actually, it was the most money every spent by any candidate in the World to become elected, not even considering just being nominated.

The ability of the Barrack Obama campaign’s public relations teams, advertising folks and campaign managers was incredible. Their fundraising machine was unbelievable and the help from other groups to promote him, was also very welcomed. Of course, what if Senator Barrack Obama is not elected, what if Senator John McCain wins the election? It is possible that by then Senator Barrack Obama’s campaign could have spent 1 Billion Dollars.

Now statistically, spending that level of money to get elected means his probability of succeeding is very high. And it does not appear that Senator John McCain can match his stardom or ability to raise money, so he will most likely win, unless the campaign pushes too hard, spends too much and folks get tired of all the television ads and there is some sort of backlash.
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