How does Singapore’s political system work ?

By admin ~ May 30th, 2012 @ 2:04 pm

I am more interested how the political system elect people to be part of their system to rule the nation and how decides these decisions ? does the citizens or only powerful people ? Also, how does one take a postion like this? any requirements ? also does the citizens have any say in the government ? thanks! ^^
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1 Response to How does Singapore’s political system work ?

  1. floozy_niki

    At the top, you have Prime Ministers, followed by all the Ministers of the various departments, e.g. education, health, finance, foreign affairs, defence etc.
    Then there are MPs and NMPs who are elected by the citizens. An MP may or may not be a Minister. These MPs and NMPs belong to political parties like PAP, SDP, WP etc. Each MPs/NMPs are like the ‘mayors’ of each smaller towns in Singapore. They are selected based on merit, based on their education level and years of service and capability. Each Singapore citizen is allowed to speak directly to their MPs who will then address their concerns and help them. Citizens in Singapore have many avenues to reach the government, by letters to the newspapers’ forum, through the MPs, through discussions in the PAP Youth groups, through speaking to RC members.


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