What would damage liberals more: electing a pretty liberal Republican, or a super far left Democrat?

By admin ~ April 2nd, 2012 @ 1:36 am

McCain bought into the whole Global Warming and ANWAR BS, and he is their greatest ally on Illegal Immigration. I even saw him at a photo op with another liberal Republican (Schwartzenegger) at a solar energy plant. With the exception of Iraq, isn’t he going to give them everything they want, and the Republicans are going to be blamed for the mess in 4 years when our country is overflowing with illegals and gas is 5 bucks a gallon because we can’t even pump our own damn oil?
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12 Responses to What would damage liberals more: electing a pretty liberal Republican, or a super far left Democrat?

  1. Latte Sipper

    I’d say the super far left Democrat.

  2. Jon B

    You are right about a lot of that, but the number one priority that outweighs all of the others is Iraq. If it wasn’t for McCain’s foreign policy, I would be fine with him.

  3. *maddy*

    McCain isn’t a really great Republican, but he’d be better for the country as a whole.

    On the other hand, Obama (a very very liberal democrat) will destroy the country. His policies can never work out.

    So at this point, McCain is the best option.

  4. Brian

    I’ve thought about that but I simply can’t vote for Obama when I know he will cause damage so great we may never be able to repair it..

    Plus we have men and women in Iraq that I believe will be at severe risk if a controlled withdrawal is begun too soon which is what I think Obama will do..

    You are right though electing this far left extremist would damage the Democratic Party severely..

  5. just some chick

    Too bad we have no super far left Democrats running. We’ve got Centrists and Conservatives.

  6. MesyJes

    The Democrat would be worse for Liberals in the long run, because people would REALLY see that True Conservatism will be our country’s saving grace……after witnessing what a mess Obama made.

  7. ideogenetic

    Gas is $5 a gallon becase President Bush wrecked the dollar and the financial system with misguided foreign and domestic policies at the same time he decided he would fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the brim in a period of rising emerging market demand.

    That’s checkmate in a game of self-inflicted stupidty.

  8. Mac

    Just keep watching. . . .they will elect the super far left Dem out of spite, and that will be such a disaster that the party will finally implode. Then maybe in 2012 we can finally have a real election and accomplish something.

  9. Sky

    Where are the facts to support your lame argument?

    I don’t see any.

    Can someone help me here?

  10. wibrwibr

    Your question is inaccurate. Neither will damage the party.

    Just because you put your possible answers in multiple choice form doesn’t mean your choices are correct.

  11. just plain jim

    McCain backed Bush 95% of the time, so he is no liberal.

    Obama has worked with the repugs on senate bills, so he can’t be far left.

    With the first one, we have to look at the damage Bush has done, then ask ourselves, do we really want more of the same?

    With the second one, we need to look at him as ask ourselves, do we want someone who can work with the opposition and has a proven track record that supports that?

    Look into Obama, you may find he is someone you can support.

    Don’t trust the talking heads, smear radio, and partisan comments and posts here to make up your mind. Go to the source, look at the facts (the wikipedia link has a ton of links to the facts), become informed, then vote.

    Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated

    551 – 479 BC





    McCain is hardly a liberal Republican. He voted along party lines and agreed with Bush 95% of the time. The picture of him as some sort of Renegade independent thinking Republican is all spin, and was more of a slander attack on him in the 2000 election by Karl Rove & Co. The only renegade aspect of him is that he won’t blindly pander to the religious right. That does not make him liberal.

    McCain is not liberal. He is a staunch conservative. Anyone who thinks otherwise should really get a deep look at his record and his stances.

    McCain didn’t buy into the ANWAR BS because he sees it for what it is. Nonsense, and as a public giveaway to Big Oil thsat would have no effect whatsoever on our domestic oil usage, since it would still be put on the public market and sold to the highest bidder and then more than likely used for industrial purposes as 70% of all oil is to begin with. (run-on sentence anyone?) Besides, that oil in ANWAR wouldn’t be online for at least 10 years. And fact of the matter is, we have the cheapest gas in the world besides certain Middle Eastern countries.

    And you can not deny the fact that global warming is happening. You can blame it on anything you want, but you can not deny the fact that it is happening regardless.

    So McCain is not a fool or a pandering blowhard, but he is without a doubt, a staunch conservative.

    Obama is not super far left, despite what the GOP wants you to think. They are always trying to alilgn the so called “center” to be rooted on the right side, so when you have someone who is merely to the left, they can be branded as Far Left.

    You dig?


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