The Resurrection of the Sovereign Citizen

By admin ~ April 29th, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

When we are non political we have forfeited sovereignty and citizenship. The forfeiture need not be permanent. It has always been our choice. I am not talking about the great party pseudo politics here. I am talking grassroots, trouble shooting politics.

An ignorant, poorly educated population has no resonance with the concept of the sovereign citizen. The sovereign is the one with original power and authority agreed upon by the people who will bear the burden of support. This makes the population totally unsuited to republican government. That is, a government where sovereign authority, responsibility, accountability and social benefit is delegated to honorable and trustworthy servants, properly compensated for their public service, restricted authority and duties. The citizen sovereign never delegates all her authority or responsibility. A wise citizen sovereign never delegates more than half their authority, retaining the controlling interest in the republican contract. She maintains an observer, supervisory relationship with the hired servants. When your servants are raising hell cross town, or out of town, you are liable for all costs and damages they create. To let them do as they please is madness. The political name for this madness is democracy.

In a democracy, no one has any authority but that which is assumed by a majority. In a democracy, no one has responsibility or accountability. It is the ultimate don’t blame me government.The master- servant relationship is inverted. Imagine you are rich, have many servants and a few enemies who seek to end or restrict your life. You buy the finest weapons and train your servants to competence in their use. When your servants are seen dining with your enemy, you pay it no mind because you have work to do in order to see your trusted servants are paid whatever they demand of you. You are loyal whether your servants are or not. One evening at dinner, one of your servants puts a bullet in your head. This is their right. You created a democracy. You had no more right or authority than any one of your servants. It is no different with a nation. Those who choose to rule do so with the constant threat of force against any co servant who steps out of line or threatens to undermine the assumed authority.

This is what our servants want for us and the rest of the world. This is what they pretend we want, knowing it really doesn’t matter what we want until we are told, just as Madison Avenue does on TV and all major media. We Americans are kept masters, exploited by the servants we hire. We rule – so long as we do as we are told. When we are taught this behavior from preschool age, we don’t become the captains of our own ships with our eighteenth or twenty first birthday. We are already far more interested in the benefits of adulthood than the responsibilities.

We can say no to this utterly disgusting political absurdity any time we like after we are aware of it. We can become the captains of our ships and the masters of our nation and societiy instead of pretending to be slaves on the great corporate plantation, as our hired servants do so well. Any one of us can make some difference if we do no more than call our sorry situation to others who share it. A small number of us can inspire a large number. To recover from our slavery addiction a few things are necessary. The first, is to fill in the gaps in our educations, deliberately created and maintained by our corporate masters. Those gaps are: 1.) The nature of money, it’s primary use and the many corruptions of its purpose. When we learn this, we no longer ask, where does all the money go? Instead we ask, what is the best use we can put it to for ourselves, the ones we love and the society with which we interact?

Educational gap number two is law, it’s foundations, legitimate uses and common abuses. When we don’t know the source and relative social value of any law, we are unfit to govern and supervise legislative bodies. We are unfit to sit on juries and weigh the instructions of legal professionals. We are unfit to test and question any political candidtate running for legislative office. Ignorance of the law is no excuse after formal education because from graduation day it is willful and self imposed. If you are not motivated to correct these two major deficiencies, you are an unaccountable, irresponsible pseudo citizen, unfit for civil society, who should be shunned or deported by civil society. In a pseudo democracy it does not matter and you have the option to be a good corporate servant for the rest of your life. And when the hard times overtake the great plantation you will be highly expendable.

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