Is Human Behavior Learned?

By admin ~ April 16th, 2012 @ 2:53 am

Yes! Human behavior is past down from generation to generation. Human behavior is learned behavior. What do you think about that? Just remember that an explanation is not a justification. Crime is a reality in our country whether we like it or not. Poor family values, poverty, poor education, these are the contributing factors that lead many men and women to crime. There are some well read and educated persons who believe that the human brain is wired for violence.

What if I told you that violence was learned? Violence is past down from generation to generation, like wealth and heirlooms. Do you find that hard to believe? What if I told that when human beings lived in caves and ate raw meat, a man and a woman had to be as aggressive and violent as the animals around them in order to survive. “Wow”, human beings had to be as aggressive and cunning and primal as the other animals!

Now look at human history, (world history). Now ask yourself, can you see in our world history and the different systems of government. We can see democracy, monarchy, dynasty, tyranny, and empire; all of these forms of government were created by violence, blood shed, or revolution. It is hard to believe that every democracy started with revolution! We value this system of government so much that we will force other countries and people to adopt it.

We are appalled by violence and criminal behavior. We see movies with men in masks cutting up, and torturing and then ultimately killing a naked girl. We read comic books and see violent images on television. Now if you compound these things with children who have never been nurtured or taught how to inter-act with other human beings in a healthy manner. We get what we have now, large prison populations and high crime.

Is human behavior learned? Yes! A child’s mind is open and is like a fresh piece of clay. A child’s mind is programmed by what he or she hears and sees. We can stop crime completely, with our youngest generations. We can teach positive and edifying social skills. Children are unfortunately taught fear, pride and prejudice and hatred. Children can also be taught to love, and respect themselves and others.
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