How does a Monarchy differ from a Democracy?

By admin ~ April 15th, 2012 @ 12:28 pm
My homework assignment is to explain the difference. I’ve never been interested in politics, I know a few difference, but can somebody give me ideas?

Thanks ^^

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4 Responses to How does a Monarchy differ from a Democracy?

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    Monarchy – One person makes the decision for hundreds

    Democracy – Hundreds of people can’t agree on anything

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    Obviously you’ve never played Civilization, or read your texts.

    Monarchy is a rule by one, although he is influenced and his authority are tempered by noblemen. He has less authority that a despot, although absolute monarchy comes close.

    Many monarchies nowadays are ceremonial.. such as in England, where Parliament rules, and the government is Democratic.

    Democratic refers to rule by the people – or by them through their elected representatives, but I don’t believe it exists anywhere in its ideal form… especially in America, where there is no direct vote (read about the Electoral College if you wish.) But we’re pretty close.

    And the game says Democracy has no corruption… don’t you believe that…

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    A monarchy is ruled by a king or queen, whereas a democracy is ruled by a representative system of government.

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    monarchy – king or queen – usually makes the decisions.

    in UK queen does not make decisions although she can dissolve parliament.

    Democracy – whatever this is – it is NOT what Bush calls democracy.
    What Bush says is democracy – currently operating in the USA – looks a lot like a police state, fascism or a dictatorship.

    I think the only truely democratic countries are New Zealand and Germany. One Leader and proportional voting so that everyone has a chance for their party and their ideas to be heard. Yes it means coalitions, But that is a true democracy – where every party and person co-operates and comes to an agreement – WITHOUT BEING THREATENED.

    In USA Bush says what to do and everyone does it with no arguments. Just like a dictatorship


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