If most minorities are religious, why do they usually vote Democrat and not Republican?

By admin ~ March 4th, 2012 @ 12:40 am
like most blacks and minorities. If they are so Christian and religious why dont they vote for the Republican party since thats the pro religion party while the Democrat party wants to keep god off of everything?
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5 Responses to If most minorities are religious, why do they usually vote Democrat and not Republican?

  1. watcher of fools

    Repeblican are ,racist ,christain zealots

  2. Stover

    Blacks have been loyal to the democratic party since the 60’s. Also most minorities are a toss up in the 04 election Hispanics voted bush. While in 08 they voted Obama. Whites are becoming. Minority to and we voted Obama and mcain. You can’t really say.

  3. ocularnervosa

    Conservatives only use religion for votes. Democrats believe in Christian principles such as helping out those in need. Both Limbaugh and Robertson proved that this week with their comments during the Haitian crisis.

  4. Anthony Phillip Napoli

    Because of the minority status mostly. Also, some Republicans “claim” to be good, whole-hearted Christians but wouldn’t lift a finger to help the minority religious group. Democrats, on the other hand, are more concerned about ALL American citizens, even minorities instead of focusing on letting big business do what they want and making the rich richer. Democrats would more likely increase government spending to help these minority groups, which is often why they vote for a Liberal candidate as opposed to Conservative.

  5. ObamaBot THX-1138

    Ocularnervosa has a good answer.

    If you look at what people *think* is in the Bible, the Republicans simply don’t practice it. Jesus often says we should help the poor and be peaceful, while the Republicans believe in getting rich, screwing the poor (or ignoring them) and making war as much as possible, and with Bush, kidnapping and torturing children.

    The Bible actually recommends the abortion of enemies (or their enslavement) of the Jewish people and if anything Jesus said his best followers should *not* marry. During revelation, people will burst out of their clothes and separate from their spouses and join god in heaven. Although there is much talk about the anti-homosexual passages in the Bible, most Biblical scholars think that was meant for whores or other abusers of sex, both homosexuals and hetrosexuals.

    In short, there is a case to be made the Republicans have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, doing or saying.


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