How many Dead Democrat Votes do you estimate that Coakley will get in MA? Will they give her Victory, or not?

By admin ~ March 6th, 2012 @ 3:24 am
How much will ACORN be involved? Or is it laying low for a little while?
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18 Responses to How many Dead Democrat Votes do you estimate that Coakley will get in MA? Will they give her Victory, or not?

  1. Will The Typical White Guy

    here’s a really great article

  2. A Big Dick

    You cons must know you’re going to lose because you’re sure making up some insane excuses. The tinfoil hat crowd would be proud of you.

  3. cosmicwindwalker

    i don’t know who you are talking about or what you are talking about something that does not include death – you must be really bummed bud.

  4. Near

    Probably OVER 9000! I wonder if Mickey Mouse is making an appearance again. Maybe he’ll bring along Donald.

  5. Hilda

    I heard that Ted will be voting tomorrow.

  6. scott b

    Dead people can’t vote. You can get a dead person’s name on a REGISTRATION, but you can’t vote if you’re dead.

  7. Mike

    That will depend on how many fraudulent votes that ACORN is able to deliver to stuff the Ballot boxes.

    ACORN will be very busy tomorrow.

    I estimate that ACORN will be able to deliver at least several hundred thousand votes for Martha Caokley.

    Given the way that Martha Coakley is destroying her own campaign, several hundred thousand fraudulent votes may not be enough to save her.

  8. Professor

    yep, me and my Acorn homies are heading to Mass. tomorrow to cast our votes for Coakley.

  9. Concerned

    Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

  10. cassandra007

    I think the Dems know they are being closely scrutinized with this election. However,I heard that Ted Kennedy, in an unprecedented move, will be leaving his grave early to vote.

  11. Queen Nancy Pelosi

    Give or take 100,000.

  12. Big Yoda

    As they say in Chicago on election day…vote early and vote often.

  13. PAYAK

    I think she will also need all the cartoon characters to pitch in tomorrow or Teddy will be “flaming even higher” in his new home.

  14. sunnieangel88

    Yeah, I heard Kennedy already cast his absentee for Coakley. 🙂

  15. Baked Farts

    If she does not win, there will be a big recount and cries of foul play and voter fraud from the Democrats. They will continue to recount until they “find” enough votes to give Coakley the win.

  16. MattSox

    As a MA resident, I’ll be out with everyone I know, and we’ll all be voting for Brown tomorrow.

  17. Original Community Organizer !

    If Brown comes close, A huge message will given,,,If he wins, that means Independents and Democrats alike voted for him also, and the tides will turn !
    If you want something..You ask the American people if you should do it…If they say no..You don’t do it, and say the previous administration did things also, and this in some way pardons you from doing worse than what you ran against!

  18. Randy F

    I really don’t have a problem with Ted Kennedy’s vote tomorrow. What bothers me is that he will probably vote about 100 times and that is just not fair for dead folks to get to vote like that. ACORN is dead in the middle of this fiasco and laying low and low down is what they are good at.


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