Despite the Politics, Nationalism, and Commercialism – The Olympics Are a Great Sporting Event

By admin ~ March 30th, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

Muhammad Ali, who rise to worldwide fame started in the 1960 Summer Olympics when he dazzled the world with his blinding speed (and charisma) while winning the light heavyweight boxing gold medal, had fundamental flaws in his boxing style. However, his remarkably inherent physical and mental skills made up for his basic flaws and he went on to become one the greatest (if not the greatest) boxers ever. Likewise, the fundamental flaws of the Olympics, none of which have any chance of going away anytime soon, do not prevent the Olympics from being a great a sporting event.

Yes, the omnipresent politics, nationalism, and commercialism can be annoying at times, however, the basic idea inherent in the Olympics — to celebrate of the achievements of the human body — is a powerful enough concept to override these flaws. Now, add to that, part of the reason of the revival of the Olympics in the late 19th Century: as a way to bring nations closer together and to have the youth of the world compete in sports, rather than fight in war. (Why this easy concept cannot get through to more humans — who consider themselves an advanced and superior species — is beyond me.) What you have left with is a great idea for a sporting event, which while flawed, will always be great sporting event no matter how hard some people try to ruin it. Just be thankful the IOC has not tried to add some of the concepts that were originally present in the ancient Olympics: religious ceremonies, sacrifices, and nude competitors. Although, given that Amanda Beard made the US Olympic swim team again, this last concept might not be such a bad idea (on a selective basis).


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