Barack Obama – A Man Worth Honoring

By admin ~ March 21st, 2012 @ 11:35 am

The Republicans and sore Hillary supports have one thing is common, they don’t have anything on Barack Obama. This past primary season has seen mud slinging and rumor mongering at the highest level. Sadly, most of the rumors have been started by the Democrats. Emails about him being a Muslim circulated cyberspace along with doctored pictures of him turning his back to the American flag. They said that he took his oath to office on the Koran. It went on and on only because when it came down to the real issues, they didn’t have anything on him.

Now, that Obama has won the nomination, the rumor mongers have gone to the next level. Now they are questioning Obama’s birthplace saying that he was not born in the United States. How ridiculous is that? Is Hawaii not a part of the United States any more? Do people forget that his mother was a white lady from Wichita, Kansas? He is as American as can be. He is living proof that a man can become whatever he likes in this country if he tries. He doesn’t have to be rich or entitled, just strong and honest. Instead of celebrating him, people are tearing him down.

Barack Obama is an inspiration for millions of Americans. He will remain an inspiration, even if he doesn’t become president, simply because he rose against the odds. He is the best of what two races can offer this country and is truly worthy of the American presidency.

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