Will racism within the hierarchy of the Democrat Party prove to be a problem for Obama?

By admin ~ February 8th, 2012 @ 10:15 am
Nancy Pelosi, for example, is such a condescending racist she cannot get it through her arrogant, self-righteous head that a black man is now in charge, including being commander-in-chief. The racism inside the Democratic party will be a huge issue for Obama. Even Biden has made blatent racist comments, as recently as during the primaries when he supported Hillarly!
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9 Responses to Will racism within the hierarchy of the Democrat Party prove to be a problem for Obama?


    Since he’s the boss what does it matter. It seems he’s broken through the racial glass ceiling.

  2. Snowboarder_X

    I’ve never seen any evidence that Pelosi is a racist, but both Pelosi and Reid will guard their perogatives as Speaker and Senate Majority leader respectively. That is to be expected. If there was serious racism within the heirarchy of the Democratic Party, Obama wouldn’t have gotten the nod in the first place and leaders like Pelosi wouldn’t have broadly hinted during the primaries that the Superdelegates had better support whoever had the most pledged delegates (Obama).

  3. David P

    actually that’s a good question. There’s no doubt this past election was a color-blind one. People voted for him, including blacks, because they wanted him regardless of color. 70% of blacks are registered Democrats so it didn’t matter what his race would’ve been anyway. He did bring out blacks who never voted before but it’s immaterial. The REAL issue is going to be how the snobbish elites of the Democrat Party old school will deal with Obama in charge. They had better understand the American people did not vote him as token, but as a true authentic representative of them, and the old school racists in the Democratic Party hopefully will learn this quick

  4. brave new world

    What possible evidence do you have to show that Pelosi or Biden are racists?
    Why do people who are themselves racists constantly accuse others of being so?

  5. Coriolanus

    She’s SUCH a FLAMING racist. That’s why she’s consistently voted in favor of immigrants’ rights and open borders:

  6. CoCo

    i think it will be a problem not only for obama but just the general public in america. i think it is hard for people to accept that a race that was brought to america to be slaves is finally running America how fairy tale and amazing is that?!?! Love It!!

  7. Selma L

    Nancy Pelosi is indeed a racist snob. She hired illegal Mexicans to work on her spread in California and feeds them table scraps.

    Oh, and to CoCo below, you’re an idiot. It was the American people who voted for him. Go back to canada, you brainless dweeb.

  8. Anonymous

    I think when you win an election on race, you’re gonna have it (racism) wherever you go. I for one did not vote for obama, and it had NOTHING to do with his color, only his “morals” or lack of them, however, I am now obligated, according to the bible, to pray for him and I do that. He is up against many obstacles and needs our support, even if we dont believe in what he says sometimes. I think he’s doing his best to want to begin and get some things moving forward, he’s been handed a mess with our economy. The greed that is out there with the execs is just terrible-and now they have their hands out wanting more and more. God give obama Your wisdom and knowledge as to how to run this country effectively.

  9. The Moderate

    I doubt it.


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