The Power of Disagreement and Dissent

By admin ~ February 6th, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

Please, disagree with me

It further opens my eyes to see

I don’t require you to be like me

Be yourself, so I can be me

Be opinionated and infuriated

Tell me when you’re aggravated

Open your mouth wide when irritated

Get in my face and air your convictions

Vocalize your beliefs and disagreements

I won’t condemn you with grave defiance

Neither will I make you pray & pay penance

Maintaining your own thoughts is brilliance

To those who completely agree with me

I would not give a dime nor a pittance

Chameleon politicians need riddance

From the national electorate and debate

Their views and convictions are too late

As they await popular opinion polls

Before they release their stance on issues

Eagerly they watch and examine the news

Consider and count the cost lest they lose

A vote or two for being sincere and true

On the contrary they’d rather lie to you

About what they truly believe

And for what they’d die and bleed

Something not worth dying for

Is certainly not worth living for

We should not seek to even the score

Let us justify ourselves no more

Let our convictions and actions

Speak loudly for themselves

Let us hold to the truth

Regardless of anyone else

Let us disagree wholeheartedly

Arise, argue, and debate fervently

Disagreements strengthen the country

Awakes the passion of its citizenry

Shakes away the dull, lull, and lethargy

Ignites a most necessary intensity

Brings forth the lions aggressively

To lead in truth and responsibility

Disagreement enables accountability

Disagreement causes opportunity

Both ideologically and economically

Disagreement empowers the people

To arise with self-respect as equals

Disagreement should never discourage

On the contrary, let it mightily encourage

A ponderance of poignant perspective

To a democracy disagreement is no elective

Therefore let us not be quiet, nor introspective

Let us be thoughtful, vocal, and assertive

Being merely mesmerized by agreement is abortive

Don’t silence the slightest disagreement sort of

Give ear, hear, listen, learn, and never scorn

An alternative opinion is not forlorn

Neither by it should we as a people be torn

Disagreements enhance, are attractive, and adorn

By disagreement progress and reformation is born

Disagree, but don’t be cruel, hateful, and disagreeable

For disagreement and dissent my friend is most valuable.
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