Does Obama have one foot in Chicago style politics and the other on a banana peel?

By admin ~ February 8th, 2012 @ 7:32 pm
In other words, is he going to get caught up int he Blagojovich mess because Blago somehow turns on him?
If I spelled his name wrong I don’t really care, I’m a Texan and we have our own good hair governor.

The above link just for fun
I am by no means a fan of Bush, and I didn’t vote for McCain, but how in the world are you not the pot calling the kettle black, depressed?
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15 Responses to Does Obama have one foot in Chicago style politics and the other on a banana peel?

  1. kitchen gadgets

    It’s entirely possible.

    F BO and all his worshipers.

  2. magento themes

    Both feet in the White House.

  3. recipe and cooking blog

    No, why, do you?

    Just because you want to make it so doesn’t mean you can. Too bad about that.

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    If Fitzgerald had anything damaging on Obama, he wouldn’t have cleared him during the initial press conference.

    Nice try anyway.

  5. studiopress templates

    No. Obama has his inauguration in less than 12 hours.

  6. mom blog

    No. Obama pushed for the law that brought down Blogajovich. Blogo called Obama a M-Fer.

  7. wahm

    I hope Blago runs his mouth in a tell all – but this is only the beginning, so have a seat & hold on it’s going to be a long ride.

  8. candy favors

    I can understand the conservatives’ attitude after losing the election but to carry on such abusive sentiments for this long? He hasn’t been in office to give you material to criticize yet you’re painting him in all of these scarecrow labels. As if saying one thing and another will make it so, right…

  9. discount wedding favors

    The YT link is a great song 😀

    But, no, I think Pres. Elect Obama (SO soon to be President Obama) has divorced himself from the bagojevich mess completely. I live in Chicago. It’s hardly news anymore (cue the throng of republicans blaming all of their problems on the “liberal media”).

  10. wedding fans

    Blago is done…this guy is the last man standing..only not as good looking or as rich as bruce willis..although he probably has a hotter wife..pre-demi anyways!

  11. surge suppressors

    Yes I believe BO was in it up to his eyeballs with the scandalous situation with Blago, he just hasn’t got caught yet and now that he is president I don’t think he will ever be caught (in the name of not wanting to embarrass the nation).

  12. finance blog

    Obama doesn’t know anything about that in fact he doesn’t know anything about anything that pertains to corruption connected to the people he chooses to hang out with.
    In fact Obama attended a racist Black Church for over 20 years and never once knew anything about it being Anti-American or Anti-anything for that matter.
    Oh no, Obama is as innocent as a new born babe.

    Why, he also didn’t know anything about good ole Rev. Wright preaching that Africans are the REAL Jews and Jesus was BLACK and not Jewish and White America are OPRESSING their people and KILLING their people and they should get back at us evil Whites.

    I wonder if the people who elected him remember Obama promising to send Billions of our dollars over to Africa to build ‘their’ economy instead of ours?

    Could that be why so many people in Kenya are dancing in the streets and smiling from ear to ear?

    Blagojovich by the way threatened to reveal inconvenient information about Obama if he should happen to be impeached or prosecuted so that might have something to do with the Democrats and their reluctance to push the envelope in the direction they really want.

    Blagojovich isn’t a dummy he’s just a real slimeball who happened to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
    I bet Obama will get the FBI in check though as soon as he takes office so embarrassing things like this doesn’t happen anymore.

    But Obama is innocent I tell you I know because he said so.

  13. sweet 16 favors

    You do know that it takes anywhere on average from five to seven months to discover that answer, don’t you?

  14. vegas wedding favors

    I really don’t think so Bronco. I think Blagojevich would like to try, but I have to say…. I don’t think our new President had anything to do with that mess. And the special prosecutor has cleared him as well.

  15. sell excess wedding stuff

    Sure it’s possible. But his Jim Jones followers could care less.


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