Why do some McCain supporters have difficulties to accept the rules of a democracy?

By admin ~ January 28th, 2012 @ 7:17 pm
As said, SOME McCain supporters…

Why don’t you give Obama at least a try?

Why don’t you accept the verdict of the majority of the American people and the electoral votes?

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5 Responses to Why do some McCain supporters have difficulties to accept the rules of a democracy?

  1. wahm

    Are people threating to mutiny or revolt that I haven’t yet heard of?

    The nature of American politics is that people get to keep complaining as long as they want to. It’s called freedom of speech.

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    Well, we are a Republic.

    Most of us do accept the rules.

    Obama gets at least four years to try whether anyone likes it or not.

    Most of us that opposed him are hoping to be proven wrong.

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    we gave his way a try in the 70’s and look how that turned out.

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    The new President can expect from me the same level of support the Democrats have given the current President over the last eight years. I’d write more but I have to get back to work… millions of excited Welfare recipients are depending on me to support them.

  5. seo consulting

    we do – what we don’t accept is people are really stupid just ignorant
    Like ya know the difference between democracy and Republic 😀

    The people have spoken and we will be behind him that is the difference between us and liberals – See we wont be making any movies about his assassination or calling him a monkey etc… we will criticize him I am sure but with the respect our commander in chief deserves. Not degrading him and making him look like a buffoon to the world no matter how he trashes everything we believe in because we do accept that the majority are well…….


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