Who else in history used economic crisis to push mass social and political change?

By admin ~ January 22nd, 2012 @ 1:51 pm
Can you think of anyone in history who did this and pushed good or bad political or social agenda’s?
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13 Responses to Who else in history used economic crisis to push mass social and political change?

  1. yutsnark

    Ronald Reagan.

  2. ATTENTION: Testicles That Is All

    In American history, FDR and Woodrow. Thats about it when considering the massive scale they did it on.

  3. Bill B

    Hitler, Stalin, FDR

  4. Davey

    Me and my toy government action figures.

  5. Lost in space.

    Hitler,and FDR…See how well that worked!

  6. tutorlady

    AH let’s see; Hitler, Castro, Mao, Stalin, the idiot in Zimbabwee, Lenin, and many,many more despots.

  7. a bush family member

    Hitler and communist mass murderers are the most famous ones.

    Mao killed 70 million people. Stalin starved to death tens of millions of people who rejected communism.

  8. bluechristy

    FDR .And Comparing Hitler to FDR is comparing Apples and Oranges . Although they both faced an economic crisis . Hitler was truly evil.

  9. Watchful Occupier

    Adolph Hitler
    Fidel Castro

  10. USMC_Inspired

    Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Hitler, FDR, Stalin, Bush, Obama…

    Economic Crisis is a symptom of imperfection…which requires some kind of change. Its not a party issue its a human issue.

  11. Me

    Most leaders in the world at sometime in there term.

  12. daniel m

    FDR and it led America to being the world’s greatest economic and military power.

  13. Keith V

    survey says… Ding ( #1 anser hitler.. #2.. Obama?)


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