What are the five greatest strengths and five greatest weaknesses for our American Democracy?

By admin ~ January 26th, 2012 @ 12:19 am
I need to know this information urgently and quickly. First one to answer good gets 10 points!!
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3 Responses to What are the five greatest strengths and five greatest weaknesses for our American Democracy?

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    Strengths:sex, guns, cars, explosions, money
    Weaknessess: none

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    1 Our right to bear arms
    2 the “american spirit”, that is the general spirit of this country to pioneer and seak and defend freedom (even though our politicians don’t seem to exhibit that behavior anymore, I think our citizens do)
    3 EVERYONE being able to vote, no matter their race or intelect
    4 freedom to assemble
    5 the right to an attorney
    All of these things help ensure each individuals freedom, as well as groups of people and give us a means to defend ourselves from government.

    1 the supreme court serving life terms and “legislating” from the bench” (no checks and balances on their decisions)

    2 americans have become far too complacent. We feel too safe to think our way of life could be altered.

    3 too many cops (if this is such a “free country, why is there so many police?)

    4 the war on drugs ( the government weilds its power over the countries that make drugs to get what they want from them and keeps them poor while using it against its own citizens as population control)

    5 corporatism. Its the new form of government. Look it up. We are headed for disaster.

  3. going green tips


    1. Universal suffrage.
    2. Judicial system.
    3. Freedom of speech.
    4. Four year electoral cycle.
    5. Tolerance of alternative political philosophies.


    1. The power of the gun lobby
    2. Corporate influence in the electoral process and politics in general.
    3. Poverty among people of colour.
    4. The cost of legal processes.
    5. The sheer size of the economy.

    Regarding the right to bear arms.

    What century are we living in. The people of the following countries look at the US attitude to guns with incredulity. In each of these countries people have the right to own guns for the purposes of hunting and target shooting. The idea that someone needs a gun for self defence is regarded as stupidity.

    New Zealand

    All countries with similar political philosophies to the US.


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