Tourist Attractions in Washington State

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It is one the beautiful and scenic states of United States of America. Washington offers wide varieties to the travelers in recreation, sight seeing, fun, adventure and relaxation.Adventures like fishing, boating, biking, hiking, camping are available for the tourists. Hotels and restaurants are easily available with different food to choose from. Accommodation is available in hotels, inns and resorts, which are mostly used for tourism purpose. Washington offers a wide variety of places and items to see and enjoy. Along with mountains, waterfalls, sculptures, museums it has also lot more in other categories like flower gardens, wineries, agricultural farms, national parks etc. You, as a tourist, will find different types of attraction in the Washington State. All such interesting places and items can be divided in categories like historical, cultural, natural, fun etc.

Historical Attraction

In the historical attraction, Washington will offer you with the chance to visit museums and galleries, lighthouses, historical attractions, sculptures etc. Lighthouses will make a trip romantic, adventurous for you. Washington State lighthouses are the place for such experiences. Museums and galleries are present everywhere. So they are also there in Washington. Museums in Washington showcase the history and culture of the state. There are different types of museums – for carriages, rock museum, glass museum, aviation, sports, science museums, the whale museum etc. Visit them if you like moving through and around old items and find their history.

Cultural Attractions

A lot many historic and cultural attractions are there for you. There is Chihuly Bridge of Glass to Bridge of Gods, Seattle’s Ballard, Bellingham’s Fairhaven, Gig Harbor historic waterfront, 5th Avenue Theater, Alki Point, and Ansorge Hotel Museum etc. So many such interesting places are there. You can always enjoy such a visit to these places Washington also has some of the famous sculptures, monuments, and statues in its possession.Washington has a rich cultural heritage which is attractive to the tourists also. Ahtanum MissionYakima, WA, Ahtanum Mission , Alpowai Interpretive Center, Clarkston, WA, Alpowai Interpretive Center, Buffalo Eddy Petroglyphs Clarkston, WA, Cathlapotle PlankhouseVancouver, WA are some of the attractions for tourists.If you would like to take a look at the Indian’s life style in Washington, you are welcome. There are visits to Indian country.

Natural Attractions

Natural attractions are a big part of Washington’s tourist attractions. You will get a peek into the huge and beautiful agricultural farms, fruit farms, Alpaca and Llama farms. Agricultural tours are organized for the interested tourists. Fruit farm visit may be an exciting option even for the children. So many beaches are there in Washington with so many facilities offered. Some use a no car system within 20 miles of the beach area. There are dams available for visit. If you are visiting Washington in May to august, you will be a spectator to the great Washington flower garden bloom. There are hot springs, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and volcanoes present in Washington for the tourist visit. Washington has a growing wine industry, which also attracts many tourists. You can visit the wineries and vineyards. There are 300 plus wineries in Washington, which are open to the visitors. Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker are some of the volcanoes present in Washington, which can be a great fun for biking, hiking and skiing.Wildlife viewing is possible for the wildlife enthusiasts. There are several national parks like the Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and North Cascades National Park. There are waterfalls, which are accessible by walking through green forests. Some others are to be reached by cars. Bridal Veil Falls, Bear Creek Falls, and Carbon Falls are some of them.


If you want some fun for you and your family, Washington will not disappoint you. It has got water parks for enjoyment of the tourists. There is a kite festival in Washington held every year. In the Water Parks, you will find 40 rides. There are 14 waterslides also. Some of the water parks are Federal Way’s Wild Waves, aquatic centre in Moses Lake. If you like kite flying, then there is a chance of your getting a hand on it in Washington. In the Long Beach, an annual kite festival is organized which is very popular.
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