If a person is uninformed and new to politics, what party are they most likely to be Democrat or Republican?

By admin ~ January 29th, 2012 @ 7:35 pm
I mean, what party is an uninformed person most likely to be swayed by, the Democratic leaning or the Republican leaning.
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20 Responses to If a person is uninformed and new to politics, what party are they most likely to be Democrat or Republican?

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    The weak and uninformed tend to lean towards liberalism.

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    The tea party.

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    If they are uninformed and uneducated, they tend to be Republican. There are actually studies on this.

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    Tea bagger.

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    Reopublicans believe every lie they are told by Faux Noise and their AM Hate Radio masters.

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    Either the party their parents supported, or the other, depending on how rebellious they are.

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    Studies have shown that ignorant young people gravitate to the liberals and Democrats.

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    The less informed, the more Democrat.

    Here’s proof:

    Typical Obama Supporters

    Harlem Voters on Howard Stern’s Show

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    Well since you have just described Barry Soetoro,

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    It’s the environment you were brought up in usually.

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    Red States = Less Educated

    So I say republicans!

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    Definitely liberalism. This is because of the schools being flooded with liberal professors taking and shaping young minds (not to mention occasionally threatening their grades if they do not turn liberal).

    Once they realize money does not come from the government but is actually earned, and they need discretionary income after they pay taxes they tend to turn conservative.

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    They will probably joint whatever party their parents are in – go with the flow type of thing.
    I would suggest Independent for people that are new to politics. Screw the Democrats and the Republicans – they both suck!!
    Uninformed? I would suggest you stay home and PLEASE do not vote.

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    Repubs… because the Republican party are bigger liars. They suck Americans dry, lie and say the other party is destroying them and foolish people believe them.

    Dems lie too… but i liken it to this demo: Elite, political Dems & Repubs will treat you like a dog and take everything you have…. BUT, the Dems are more likely to invite you into the house in the winter time and give you a few scraps from the table so you won’t freeze or starve to death … hardly a good thing, but better than the Repubs who will take your money, leave you out in the cold without a doghouse and expect you to go search for trash can scraps all the while saying “Gee – it sure sucks to be you… but you’re a good Christian.”

    It never ceases to amaze me how low income, lower middle class and middle class Americans keep voting for Republicans who are getting rich off of their hard earned money and sticking it to them all the while praising Jesus…

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    It really depends on where they grow up and what party people tend to support there.

    A politically uninformed person in New York City is likely to be a Democrat. A politically uninformed person in North Texas is likely to be a Republican.

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    A uninformed person has a tendency to believe democrats because the primary talent democrats have us bullshitting people.. However once they understand and see what democrats do vs what they say they usually turn republican.

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    Obama Voters – Brainwashed With Change

    How Obama Got Elected… Interviews With Obama Voters

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    There are certain variables you will need to consider before deciding on a conclusion:

    1: what are the persons moral, ethical or religous beliefs? These are often built up over a life time and are hard to go against. This is a primary determining cause for party choice, especially among the Republicans.

    2. Who are their friends? Peer pressure asside, friends are a powerful indicattor of personal prefferance.

    3. Who is their family? Family values do seem to pass on.

    4. what community did they grow up in? This often plays a larger role than you would normally think.

    \When you gather this information, you can usually tell what direction they would sway, even without them having fore knowledge of politics.

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    Mediocre minds dismiss anything which reaches beyond their own understanding.

    Most ignorance is vincible ignorance, they don’t know because they don’t want to know.

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    ANYONE that is uninformed and ignorant concerning politics will ALWAYS gravitate to the party that will GIVE them something for “FREE”. The ONLY party that says they will give you something for “FREE” is the DEMOCRAT PARTY. They will ALWAYS tell you that they only tax the “rich” so you can have all those “free” things but they never tell you that you’re going to pay higher prices for the things they don’t “give” you because the taxes the “rich” have to pay, cause an increase in price for the things you buy. Eventually, they will decide that YOU are the rich, take away your “free” stuff. and tax the hell out of you.


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