American Greek Antique Democracy Meets Asian Control

By admin ~ January 22nd, 2012 @ 2:25 am

The story of America is unique in the world. It began as a trickle of independent minded Puritans who determined to speak directly their God, keep their muskets and beholden to no king who would stand between them and God like an English pope. King James, while creating the wondrous new Bible, also determined he would harass out of the land these protesters who took the term Protestant too far for his liking. So many rebellions, so many deaths, English rebels were sent home but after turning in any musket strong enough to begin another rebellion again.

In no other English speaking countries but America did it become custom to carry a musket, other than country folk for protection from bears or natives. And so we come to now, after American protests once too much to the king, and were now free. Well, the white men. Who owned property. But, war by blood, all men, then among the first on earth, all women. America, the first democracy on earth, is an inspired example to others all over earth. In China during the 1989 rebellion it seemed amazing but wonderful that we all over earth could witness idealistic Chinese students dared display a Statue of Liberty in the center of the Forbidden City, and the world watched them die before tanks churning them into hamburger, as was said by students there then.

In contrast, America was created, ship by ship, town by town, by idealists from Europe, then gradually from all corners of earth, as a place a man could bring his family and start a new life. No serf master, no nobleman to bow and pay most of their crop to, and see no hope of advance for your children, or theirs yet unborn. Ironically it was the decades of small booklets written by an early American who really encouraged the deluge. Benjamin Franklin, an enterprising young lad in a printer’s shop in Boston, tired of the whippings and the sleeping behind the stove, fled to Philadelphia. Here he trained in a printers shop, studied all he could in this and other trades, read all he could, and still in his 20’s he began publishing Poor Richard’s Almanac, which was an instant hit.

People loved Franklin’s timely wisdoms, history factoids, and overall tone that favored a life of hard work, diligence, respect for others and obedience to general standards of decent behavior, proper grooming, the value of a penny saved. This seemed such good logic to many of the barons of estates throughout Europe, and soon Franklin’s witticisms and reminders of early to bed, early to rise were being translated into many languages and being generously handed out. Unfortunately for the barons their messages had the opposite effect: that of creating in the serfs a desire to move to this promised land filled with fair minded people like Poor Richard.

And the flood has rarely slowed down since, from those sickly few to the world’s mightiest nation of three hundred million people, and growing daily. But until further settlements such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Savannah, and some English take overs such as Dutch settled Manhattan, named Niew Amsterdam, becoming New York: it was a doubtful matter. This initial settling of a handful of sickly English settlers around Boston and Jamestown to face a forested continent filled with lions and tigers and bears and resentful natives seemed ill fated; settlers kept dying of diseases, and infecting the natives. What to do?

Well, it seems, stir and mix; have Tom Jefferson send Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, and within decades families in conestoga wagons were creating a new mighty nation. While in this time ming made vases and Europe made war with itself, as always. Anything American is unique: Canada’s later wild west cowboys, many who were escaping American justice, were met and occasionally hanged by Canadian Red Coats. And Mexico’s amigos were not usually riding with the Texas Rangers, as any antique shop in any neighborhood makes clear. Just as Rome was Rome, America is America.

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