What do you think of political TV clip sampling?

By admin ~ December 24th, 2011 @ 4:16 am
First, let me say I don’t want this turning into a partisan hate/support thing.

I watch both Fox News and MSNBC throughout the day and about 99.9% of non-commercial time is spent replaying clips.(just kidding) Anyway, It helps with humor shows like the Daily Show/Colbert Report. How do you feel about the replaying of clips on political channels at the current frequency?
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2 Responses to What do you think of political TV clip sampling?

  1. Paul Grass

    I think its okay it is after all a free press

  2. My Name Is Cookie

    I think the replay is good they can spin the news of the day anyway they like and because you watch both fox and MSNBC you know that they do spin the news. i do the same thing and find it funny that one says something one way and the other turns it into something completely different


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