Is John McCain the biggest threat to a democrat in general election?

By admin ~ December 20th, 2011 @ 9:45 am
It seems that mccain has the least flaws, was a war veteran, and is most experienced of all republican candidates in politics. These are flaws of other GOP candidates.
Rudy Guliani-too liberal, support gay marriages, abortion, and gun control.
Huckabee-possibly too conservative to win in north and most midwestern state.
Romney is a mormon.
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11 Responses to Is John McCain the biggest threat to a democrat in general election?

  1. olcaykar-turkey

    no. I don’t think he is threat. election is going on between hillary and obama

  2. Triumph

    As a dem he is the one I fear the most.

  3. Adolf Schmichael

    McCain and Huckabee are more liberal than Guiliani.

    I think Thompson with Duncan Hunter as his running mate would be tough for the dems to beat.

  4. jack spicer

    i don’t think any of the republicans are that strong. many, many republicans don’t like mccain much – especially from his home state of arizona (where i’m from). i like him enough, but i don’t know how each of them or him would hold up against the dems, well, unless hillary gets the nod. everyone hates her.

  5. CiCi

    Of all the candidates, I think John McCain poses the biggest threat to the Democrats.

  6. David W

    I’m a democrat and most likely will vote for a democrat in the general election, but out of the Republicans John McCain is the one who would most be able to sway my vote republican. Hes a moderate. Also Mike Huckabee is not a conservative, he has no substance. He runs around screaming that hes a christian that’s how he campaigns. If John McCain doesnt get the nod I hope Mike Huckabee will because he will get demolished.

  7. 5K9P3

    but rudy also supports the iraq war and will work on terrorism, and those are conservative views.

  8. az grande

    He appeals to Independents and some moderate Democrats that would vote for him before they would Clinton. So the answer is yes.

  9. madcat

    Well, I am an independent.

    I am leaning on voting democratic this time.

    However, I would take a close look at McCain. Although I would also look at Guliani. I would be scared of Huckabee as he looks like an evangelical, which is the last thing I want as president.

    I think it will be very difficult to beat the democrats this time. But I would say McCain would be the one that might could do it, and a candidate that I would consider.

  10. iwasnotanazipolka

    Yeah, he is. And the simple reason is that many Democratic voters will cross party lines to vote for McCain. They see him as a candidate who could bring this country together. No more shrill nonsense from Hilary, no more “party before country” crap of Bush.

    And me, as a life long Democrat, he’s got my attention…

  11. Homeless in Phoenix

    Yes. He is strong on defense and more liberal on social issues he could easily pull in the independent vote. Against Hillary or Obama I think he would win. Although not liked by conservative republicans given the choice of Hillary or Obama versu McCain they would vote for McCain.


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