Will America Become A Democratic Republic With A Duly Elected Oligarchy?

By admin ~ November 30th, 2011 @ 3:19 am

Why Ask This Question?

George H.W. Bush 4 Years

Bill Clinton 8 Years

George W. Bush 8 Years

U.S. Presidency 2 Families 20 Years

Let’s Look at what a Republic is:

The word republic comes from the Latin res publica: public matter, or the affairs of the people. A state governed by an assembly of citizens rather than by a king, queen or emperor. The leaders are elected into power by the people.

Now let’s take a closer look at what a democracy is:

The term democracy indicates a form of government where all the state’s decisions are exercised directly or indirectly by a majority of its citizenry through a fair elective process. When these factors are met a government can be classified as such. This can apply to a multitude of government systems as these concepts transcend and often occur concomitantly with other types

And finally let’s examine what an Oligarchy is:

Oligarchy is a form of government where most political power effectively rests with a small segment of society (typically the most powerful, whether by wealth, military strength, ruthlessness, or political influence). The word oligarchy is from the Greek for “few” and “rule”. Some political theorists have argued that all societies are inevitably oligarchies no matter the supposed political system.

Politically, Where Do I Come From:

To be fair I have to let you know my party affiliation to help better understand my analysis. I am a strong Democrat. I have been a Democrat since 2003. Before that I was a moderate Republican. I was closer to being a Goldwater Republican, I would guess you could call me a Goldwater Democrat now.

I just want be clear and up front. I am not a typical Republican bashing Hillary because of the Bill Clinton. What I am doing is raising what I feel are legitimate questions that any registered voter should be asking regardless of party affiliation.

How does this look to you?

George H.W. Bush 4 Years

Bill Clinton 8 Years

George W. Bush 8 Years

Hillary Clinton 8 Years

U.S. Presidency 2 Families 28 Years

Then let’s try something really crazy:

George H.W. Bush 4 Years

Bill Clinton 8 Years

George W. Bush 8 Years

Hillary Clinton 8 Years

Jeb Bush 8 Years

U.S. Presidency 2 Families 36 Years

Now I realize that this is pure speculation. And that the possibility of another Bush being elected is slim. But His family has more than once intimated that Jeb was intended to be the one to run for President before GW.

Does that really look so ridiculous when you put it into perspective of actual American history?

There is a reasonably good possibility that Hillary Clinton will not only win the nomination of her party but also the Presidency herself. Let’s add to that the possibility of her even getting re-elected. This Country could, for the first time face the fact that the United States Presidency will have been in the hand of 2 families for up to 28 consecutive years.

So you think that might be a little far fetched. OK then, let’s not contemplate the future. Let’s look at the past. Barbara Bush descended from a second cousin of Franklin Pierce the 14th President of the United States. Both Presidents Bush are also an ancestor of William Howard Taft the 27th President and Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks. Are you starting to notice a trend? The White House has been controlled by these two families for quite a few decades. Now to be fair the Clintons don’t have any history like that of the Bush family. However they seem to be trying to catch up pretty damn quick.

So What’s My Point?

Simple. I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton is probably very qualified to do this job and might even make a good president. Does that make it right to set this precedent of having the Whitehouse traded between families? I think it is a dangerous precedent. We have to ask ourselves is this worth the long term risk that our children and grandchildren will be faced with. Do we set the precedent for the legitimization of the Democratic Republic Oligarchy of the United States?

By definition we are essentially that today. But we have had a variety of leaders. What we have to decide is are we going to continue to allow this trend or with the vast majority or Americans, the moderates that is, just sit on our buts and let this continue to happen because our lives are to busy and we can’t spare the time to make a difference?

All I am asking is that you seriously consider these questions I have raised and decide for yourself what you can and will accept from our elected leaders.

Thank you for your time.

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