Office Politics – The Worst Fear in Your Working Life

By admin ~ November 2nd, 2011 @ 11:40 pm

So when you just graduated from university/college and looking forward to your first job, everything was doing great – your boss is nice, Supervisor and colleagues are helpful and friendly, but your worst fear comes true when you are caught in one of the most common problem which is office politics.

It is unfortunate but do not worry, because there are secrets to keeping yourself separate from office politics.

The most common problem that causes one to be involved in office politics is gossip. It can be the most powerful tool to destroy one’s reputation at work place and at the same time provoke problems. If your colleagues are gossiping about a Supervisor or other colleagues, do not be part of the spreading the gossip. Keep your distance and steer away from it. If the gossip-monger insist of telling you and you do not want to offend the colleague, just pretend that you are listening to it, but never spread it to another colleague. Leave it where you hear it from the gossip-monger.

Another common problem in office politics is taking sides – whose side are you on? How you solve this problem is by being neutral. This may sound simple and ridiculous at the same time but it is not. By keeping yourself neutral, it will give you the freedom and opportunity to work with both groups (or more!) who are against each other in the office. There might be a period of setback as those involved in the politic game might suspect you for being a spy and give you a hard time, but do not give in to the pressure. Be yourself and do your work appropriately instead of meddling in the office politics which may be too much for you.

Why waste time on office politics when you can spend your time working on your own career advancement? Be smart in keeping your work performance away from office politics and get more tips and advices on office politics from Career Planning 101.

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