Musharaff Survival Democracy and Effects in South East Asia Part-1

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My dear friends and august readers, I am once again with you to share my views and debate an on going current issue of Democracy and Emergency in Pakistan (DEP) and its short and long term effects. I hope my readers would also share their views and understand the implications and revulsions of democratic leaders in all the countries of the world.

First of all let me assure you that President General Parvez Musharaff (PGPM) is himself not happy with the death of over 133 innocent civilians, who have become the victims of ravaging fire which has its origin in Pakistan herself. My readers would agree with me that Pakistan has been a rogue State, which the opportunist fundamentalists have exploited to export not only fundamentalism but also terrorism. As United State of America was instrumental in the birth and recognition of Osama bin Laden (OBL) in Afghanistan as terrorist leader, the US was also responsible for his uprooting when the fire which USA supported to ravage Russia enter the USA through backdoors.

Who knew that the same OBL, a front man of USA against erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) incursion in Afghanistan would extend his reach to strike in their homes on USA’s soil?

The US Policy makers have never even dreamt that the long arms of terrorism which one of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is monitoring and organizing world over would reach and knock down USA’s most prestigious heritage. My dears would share their views that Citizen of USA, India, Britain, Israel and Germany are always on the hit list of international terrorist.

As USA made OBL, the Pakistan has born another terrorist of International status Mr Daud Ibrahim (MDI). Whether he is a terrorist or criminal time would tell but I still feel strongly that he has been blamed more than what he is actually? The Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) has used MDI against India. The amount of innocent people’s blood which have flown on Indian soil due terrorist’s action has no parallel in the modern world History.

With the above background, I feel that Emergency in Pakistan (EIP) is the requirement of the time. It is good or bad can be debated by the readers, but I feel even the Movement for Restoration of Democracy in Pakistan (MRDIP) need to be supported with pros and cons. The silent support of USA’S administration to PGPM is with a definite purpose.

I hope, my readers would share my view that the EIP is the need of the hour for the people of Pakistan because:

Firstly, until, unless, the administrator has the powers to check fundamentalism, he can not control such movements. I feel that these Politics Oriented Religious Movements (PORM) are the root cause of birth of terrorism especially Islam. Pakistan being an Islamic State under an able administrator would be able to keep a check.

Secondly, it is only PGPM who have really faced the burnt of PORM a few months earlier when he was forced to order Pakistan Army to flush out large number of national and international terrorists in Lal Masjid (Red Mosque). If the Government of Pakistan (GOP) would have not undertaken such steps, the spread of terrorism would have been continued relentlessly. Though PGPM has become a target of terrorists in his own country, but he a fighter would continue to serve his nation.

Thirdly, India would be the biggest looser of PGPM being in chair. What I perceive and predict that PGPM would be able to impose severe checks on fundamentalists who believe in violence and not talks. GOP’s any action against fundamentalists would only increase problems for her immediate neighbor India. It is observed in the past as well that, as and when, GOP had exerted pressure on fundamentalist, they either migrated to Afghanistan in safe heaven or infiltrated into India to create unrest. I feel that moving into Afghanistan would not be possible due to presence of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nation’s forces. The other option is infiltrating into India. The Government of India (GOI) has to:-

1. Seal their international border with Pakistan;

2. Increase vigilance on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir;

3. Increase forces on the border to prevent infiltration;

4. Attempt to prevent fundamentalists through dialogue and talks; and

5. Follow diplomatic means.

Fourthly; EIP would assist PGPM to close all the factories and Madarssas which are producing numerous fundamentalists cum terrorists. It is the only time when GOP can act strongly against such people who are trying vitiating peaceful environment. Closing of fundamentalist’s schools and Madarssas would also reduce spread of fundamentalism not only within Pakistan but also in Asia.

Fifthly GOP under PGPM can inflict sever blow to fundamentalists by choking their life line of funds. If fundamentalist’s funding is controlled than I feel that most of the PORM would die their natural death.

Sixthly, I strongly feel that PGPM himself an ardent and staunch follower of Islam understand fundamentalist’s style of functioning and means of destruction, therefore, his embedding in as President would help every one.

On the contrary, either Ms Bhutto or Mr Nawaz becomes the head of State; the situation would not be similar what it would be under PGPM. The functioning style of political leaders is Appease and Listen to Kick All (ALKA). These politicians are people representatives but they become (SADA) Self Anchored Democratic Autocrat. It is observed that Muslim fundamentalists have always exploited religion to gain power or create unrest, therefore, the PGPM is the best to tame them all.

I also feel that PGPM being at harness the direct benefits which I perceive are:-

A. check on export of fundamentalists;

B. Check on export of terrorism;

C. Check on funding sources of fundamentalists

D. Assist NATO and USA in containing terrorism with Afghanistan;

E. Helps India to fight cross border terrorism;

F. Control internal situation within Pakistan with ease;

G. Assists Afghanistan in checking foreign terrorist activities along her Northern borders;

H. Destroy fundamentalist strong hold with in country;

J. Reduce international terrorism due to severe checks at home; and

K. Prevent routing of terrorists from Pakistan like routing of Opium from Golden triangle;

My dear readers, your views are solicited but if democracy has to succeed in Pakistan, than fundamentalism and terrorism has to go. The new Weapon of Manual Bombing (WOMB) followed by Suicide Attackers (SA) or the Man of Individual Mission (MIM) is threatening every peace loving individual. The theory of SA which has been originated by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka, has gained momentum in Pakistan after Army operation against Lal Masjid. The death of over 133 innocent people during Ms Bhutto’s rally in Pakistan and seven peoples in serial blasts in India is an example of fundamentalist psychic.

If people of Pakistan want peace and true democracy, then there is a need to adopt a positive and constructive media approach to support the EIP. The democracy in Pakistan would emerge even stronger after general elections.

The democracy in Pakistan has a direct relationship with International Fundamentalism and Terrorism (IFT). I still strongly feel to support peace support PGPM.

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