Does democracy increase the spread of stupidity?

By admin ~ November 4th, 2011 @ 6:59 am
I’m not talking about voting rights, but rather about free expression such as can be found on the internet.

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6 Responses to Does democracy increase the spread of stupidity?

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    If anything, Democracy promotes educationand enlightenment. The Internet is merely a venue for anyone, stupid or otherwise, to voice their opinions without censorship (or spellcheck). I think ignorant folks tend to be a bit LOUDER and more visible.

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    Why are you attacking the internet when it’s the last bastion of freedom? You should attack TV, which is if anything the reason why people in America are dumbed down. The internet is what’s left of our first amendment. Don’t you care about losing that, too? What are you doing, just trying to come up with intriguing questions? You must be 12 years old and too naive to have any responsibility for what you’re writing.

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    It sure seems like it at times don’t it!

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    Imagine having your name on a piece of paper attached to the church door for not attending regularly? Imagine being thrown into a dungeon because you did not pay your tithe. That’s European up to WWI when the reign of the church was appointing which royal blood to run which government.

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    lack of discipline & crap schools increase the speed of stupidity.

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    stupidity existed long before the internet. the internet just provides a new venue to share it – at the speed of light.


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