Can you explain me- what is the difference between Democrat and Republican?

By admin ~ November 24th, 2011 @ 4:38 pm

I live in Russia and don`t know what this difference is.Thank you.
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21 Responses to Can you explain me- what is the difference between Democrat and Republican?

  1. ?

    Democrats are smart

    Republicans are stupid

  2. AZ Imagined

    These days, not much.

  3. Get smart

    Democrats are liberal
    Republicans are conservative and usually christian.
    Here is Obamas church website-he seems reverse racist to me

  4. G.C.

    Republicans lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations, with the idea that they will invest in their businesses, and thereby hire more people…which helps everyone.

    Socially, Republicans are pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights.

    Democrats lower taxes for the poor, and penalize the successful and wealthy with higher taxes….making it more of a socialist society, and discouraging people from trying hard. Democrats give out more social programs and handouts to the poor, without any guidelines.

    Socially, Democrats are pro-choice, pro-gay rights, (limited), and want stricter gun control laws.

    The problem is…people like me are left out of the equation…I am a social liberal, and fiscal conservative….so, I have no party to vote for….

  5. PraTrp

    You’re going to get a lot of answers such as the guy who put “Democrats are smart. Republicans are stupid.” Kind of shows his own intelligence there but, whatever.

    The easiest way to describe it to you is that Republicans are for the betterment of the nation as a whole. Democrats are for the betterment of the individual. There’s a whole lot more to it than that but that is the basic principle.

    Edit: Democrat/Republican and Liberal/Conservative are two completely different things.

  6. coyotecoup

    It’s an arbitrary choice made in youth. There is little difference in the two parties and they actually flip-flop on their stances through time. Geographically, the party lines are still split along the old civil war lines (look at the blue state-red state maps) but now the Republicans are the Confederacy and the Democrats are the northern Republic (like I said the parties flip-flop).

  7. Junior

    Not in this forum no….it is too complicated and any answer provided here will at best just scratch the surface….

    Edit, Judging from the Answers I see not even folk here really know…Republicans are Christian …geeze do you even know what a Christian is…Hint it has to do with Jesus, not political parties…..also Democratic are for the Individual,….that’s why we got to have a progressive tax and socialized medicine…

  8. nepalmertx

    Democrats believe in redistribution of wealth through taxation, propagation of the welfare state and the enlargement of government involvement in your life.

    Republicans believe the free trade, lower taxation to promote the economy, personal responsibility for your actions, smaller government and wage earners keeping what they earned.

  9. J S

    The difference used to be that Democrats liked bigger government and Republicans liked smaller governement. But under Bush, all that went out the window. Democrats are social and economic liberals and Republicans are suppose to be socially and economically conservative. Democrats believe in higher taxes to support more government programs Republicans believe that it is up to each person to make their own way.

  10. Dave M

    One is white, the other black.
    One is rich, the other is poor.
    One is smart, the other is dumb.
    One likes music, the other likes silence.
    One can read, the other is illiterate.
    One eats meat, the other eats fat.
    One likes chocolate, the other likes vanilla.
    One goes east, the other goes west.
    One says tomato, the other says tomato.

  11. my heart belong to you.

    it does not matter
    just don’t vote for obama

  12. breetai

    Democrats Promise Socialisim

    Republicans Promise Capitalism

    Both Are Liars.

  13. michelob86

    This is in generalities, mind you, but….

    Democrats, in general, believe that the good of the many out way the good of the few (rich). That taxes are necessary to maintain good public facilities. That government is an institution to help individual freedom.

    Republicans, in general, believe that the only thing government should do is maintain a military, and certain public amenities, likes roads, and nothing more. All other functions should be run by the private sector (i.e. companies). Taxes, in all forms, are the bane of society. That the government should exist only to maintain the status quo.

  14. jfinancialz

    Republicans have no vision; Obama stands for hope and change.

  15. Michelle C

    mostly it’s just a matter of what they call their opponents. They represent the two wings of a bird of prey which is devouring the American Citizen. And most of us are too hypnotized to notice.

  16. vicki f

    if Democrats had any brains they would be republicans

  17. Delightful

    I hope this help

  18. Derek F

    Supposedly the Republicans are made up of rich people whom want to get richer. The Democrats are SUPPOSEDLY the blue collar hard working Americans. However I vote Republican and I’m out of a job and don’t have two roubles to rub together. Ted Kennedy is a Democrat! your guess is as good as mine

  19. a Proud republican

    Republicans love their country and what it stands for. We believe in honoring the individual’s dignity, freedom, abilities and responsibilities. We believe in the right of a parent to oversee his child’s education. We believe in the right to run business without government interference. We expect fiscal responsibility of our lawmakers and government entities. We believe that the individual should keep the monies they earn. We believe in valuing and preserving our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

    The democrats believe that individuals are stupid and wants to take control of their lives. They believe that more government is good and that we shoud not be helping other countries. They do not believe in the value of our military. They want to take as much of our income as they can.

  20. elyslund

    2 very different American Political parties….but, they do have one, huge thing in common….lying to the American public during their campaign, and lying to the American public after they get elected.

  21. bobe

    I like your question because I like politics. However, I will make this answer short and sweet and to the point. The two major political parties of the US: The Democratic Donkey and the Republican Elephant. You know the Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while the Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. They are both right! The two parties have changed over the years and traditional differences are not the same anymore. With accusations flying between the two parties it can be hard to tell where they stand on certain issues. Each candidate from either party can hold view points strictly or they can mix it up a bit. It’s not uncommon to find a “Liberal Republican” or a “Conservative Democrat”. When it’s all said and done it really depends on the person. Traditionally and generally speaking, Republicans are considered conservative while Democrats are labeled as liberal. Neither side is more pro religion than the other side and you often hear many times it’s been said that both sides are too much alike so that a third party is really needed. Could that be the up coming Green Party as it is poised for big gains in 2008 local, state and national races as voters become even more dissatisfied with the Republican and Democratic parties. I just see it as a matter of time.


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