Why do liberals want such a far left candidate when the house is already democrat?

By admin ~ October 15th, 2011 @ 8:05 pm
Historically, the most disastrous administration were “one-party.” The white house and the senate were both of one party.
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13 Responses to Why do liberals want such a far left candidate when the house is already democrat?

  1. Goldenrae9

    There’s no guarantee to a Democratic majority and most analysts are predicting a slight edge in either direction, but mostly likely Republican in Congress and a Democratic president.

  2. Princess Zelda

    They’re never happy. They’re complaining even though President Bush is hoping to bring back 30,000 troops by the end of next summer. One Demonrat senator stated “It’s not good enough.” WELL WHAT IS?!!!

  3. ducky

    we don’t want a far left candidate – we want a good candidate !

  4. bromide_staining

    “Historically, the most disastrous administrations were “one-party”.

    …Interesting comment. Bush had a REPUBLICAN majority for about six years. And I’d definitely agree that his, has been one of, if not THE MOST DISASTROUS administration of all time. I agree whole-heartedly.

  5. Kevin F

    To which candidate do you refer? The Democratic field is pretty large at this point, with only a couple of liberal and the remainder various shades of moderate to conservative, so you need to narrow that down just a bit.


  6. netmorale_admin

    For the same reason that a conservative majority would want a far right president. It simply makes it easier to push thier agenda.

  7. crushinator01

    you mean like we had for the last 6 years?

  8. Deep Thought

    Parties tend to do that. When they choose a leader, they pick typically the most extreme version and then try to fight back toward the center. You know that from California politics in the cases of Don Perata and fabian Nunez (President of the Senate and Speaker respectively) So picking an extreme liberal to run against an extreme conservative is the only way that this will shake down.

  9. Bush Invented the Google

    So you’re saying that the first six years of Bush’s administration were “disastrous,” then?

    To answer your question, just because a candidate is a Democrat and is opposed to the war in Iraq doesn’t make him or her “far left.” Those words (“far left”) are the words of someone who is very, very scared.

  10. Henry VIII

    Actually the only realy far left candidate the Democrats have would be Kucinich. The rest are really much toward the center.

  11. Think 1st

    I don’t think they do.
    I doubt very much many liberals really want “such a far left candidate.”
    Most liberals and conservatives nowadays are moderate in most of their beliefs.They are just not as vocal as the extremists.

    There are not currently any major far left candidates for President.

  12. Condor

    For very same reason that Conservatives want a far right candidate when White House is already Republican.

  13. razor

    The Democratic majority is not yet wide enough to override Republican destructiveness’s and do-nothingness that we saw 6 years with Bush . A far left wing candidate would be fine because their capabilities to compromise would serve the USA best.


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