Why are Liberal Democrat males more likely to be attracted to the same gender?

By admin ~ October 5th, 2011 @ 11:31 am
Were they beat up as kids or their parents didn’t love them enough?

Any ideas?

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17 Responses to Why are Liberal Democrat males more likely to be attracted to the same gender?

  1. Hater Police

    Why do you keep asking? I’m guessing your attracted to the same gender.

  2. subwm4bush

    Not true. Some of of our GOP leaders are closet homosexuals.

  3. Fence Sitter

    I am a liberal democrat male that is attracted to other men.

    There is no reason, that’s just how it is.

  4. Obama USA

    You’re an idiot. Being liberal doesn’t MAKE people gay. Gay people are liberal because the liberals support them…conservatives make them sound like demons.

  5. i_was_myself

    Because liberals are accepting of other people’s views. Conservatives are the ones committing hate crimes against gays. That is reason enough.

  6. Colonel Cluster-Fuck


    At least they’re not tap-dancing in airport restrooms like certain republican senators…………

  7. Moose

    To quote R Sen Craig: tap, tap, tap.

  8. ruth

    I didn’t know they were that discriminating.

    Actually, Obama USA is correct about this. The liberal power wh ores in DC see them as another source of power.

  9. The Big Man

    Well, there are more gay people who vote Democrat then there are Republican, so I guess so.
    However, I think that child abuse levels are highest around the Southern States. While the levels do surge around the black community, there is probably more around conservatives.

  10. Shirley


  11. cantsuspendme34

    the left accepts the deviants of society’s norms.

  12. Oscar Ray

    I’ve often wondered why they’re like that meself.

  13. marc2oni

    ya seriously.. why do you care? are you attracted to the same gender? i mean thats cool, what you or anyone else does behind closed doors isnt my business.

  14. g

    actually, it’s probably the other way around…

    if one party hated you and constantly called you names and said it was the devil’s work to allow you to marry…

    would you support that party?

    the dem’s didn’t become gay, the Republicans kicked the gays out…


    you asking for trouble asking for truthful answers from libtards with questions they are really ashamed of

  16. bayou girl

    Have you seen liberal women?

  17. Rami B

    Because liberal democrats are more accepting of homosexuals.


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