What is the difference between a republican and a democrat? Please tell me facts and neutrally i dont care?

By admin ~ October 3rd, 2011 @ 11:15 am
what you go for I just wanna know what they each mean. Thanks!
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8 Responses to What is the difference between a republican and a democrat? Please tell me facts and neutrally i dont care?

  1. TaraXpuma

    Republicans are for the Rich
    Democrats are for the Poor

    You can tell which party is for what kind of people just by looking at the crowd they drew at their conventions.

  2. dogtear1

    Democrats have a serious mental disorders…Democrats have NO common sense, and they rationalize about everything. Democrats are totally disfunctional, and don’t play well with others. And if Democrats are for the poor? Why do I have to pay my hard earned dollars to the welfare recipient scumbags who don’t want to work?

  3. j

    republicans are small government more self reliability democrats want big government they want their hands in everything reminds me of communism but sugar coated

  4. Jilm_Jones

    it can be broken down into 4 categories basically…
    crude example:

    social governing (smoking weed) vs. corporate governing (running a business):

    ~if you believe businesses should be governed and weed should be legal you are a democrat

    ~if you believe businesses should run free and weed should be illegal you are a republican.

    ~ if you believe businesses should run free and weed should be legal you are a libertarian

    ~ if you believe businesses should be governed and weed should be illegal you are a totaltarian

    it doesnt mean if you are a republican you have to disagree with everything a democrat says and vice versa. just comes down to a matter of what your personal beliefs are.. and theres plenty of room for overlap

  5. frank H

    republicans are the Establishment. they are the ones who have virtually bankrupt the united states over the last eight years. they are made up of mostly rich white folks who have no concern for the rest of the country. they could have reached out to the Democrats during the RNC and instead insulated Obamas credits. in other words they are the man. the democrats are the grass roots of this country. this country needs change and Obama promissed change long before mccain used it as a campaign slogan. i just think that you will not get reform from the republicans because they have a vested intrest in keeping the war going and so far as over taxing and over spending goes. will let us just say that we had a balance budget and a surplus under bill clinton. under george bush we have a huge deficet and a stalling economy, more people out of jobs. more jobs leaving for foreign lands. quite frankly if the democrates can not win this election with the horrible record the republicans have had for the past eight years then they deserve to go the way of the dodo bird.

  6. Mike R

    Lord what a load of political crap.

    The short answer is republicans believe government’s role is to provide military protection and an environment conducive to earning a good wage. Well paid workers produce a well ordered society.

    While democrats are interested in the individual rights of people and think the state should help the poor with assistance. However to do this there is a need for wealth redistribution (taxes)

    both have good and bad points and both when taken to extremes become exactly alike.

  7. kinneticbrian

    The difference between Democrats and Republicans is really becoming a moot point. Generally speaking, the parties used to divide along lines of liberalism and conservatism, Republicans were more conservative and Democrats more liberal. However, take Ohio’s Governor for example. Bob Taft, a Republican (and a disaster) was more liberal (fiscally and otherwise) than Ted Strickland, the current Democrat. At the National level, you now have John McCain, a “moderate” as the Republican standard bearer and Barack Obama, a man who embraces a near socialist discipline as the Democrat standard bearer. That being said, Republicans are more conservative and favor smaller government, less intrusion, lower taxes and less spending (with the exception there being George “spend-a-billion” Bush) Democrats typically favor more Government, higher taxes and more regulation. The lines between the two parties become very blurry the more local you get. I’ve been a Republican all my life and am a true conservative to the core of my being. I do not feel as though the Republicans currently represent me and my beliefs. I have friends who are Democrats and feel the same about their party. I have voted for as many Democrats locally as Republicans because I knew these people and respected them. Fair-weather Republicans might try to make you believe all Republicans love America and ALL Democrats hate America – don’t believe it. We are all Americans and need to get back to that first. Make no mistake about it, nationally the parties are out for themselves and for winning elections and obtaining power – they are neither one out to actually lead, and therein lies the true fundamental problem – a lack of leadership and a lack of respect for one another.

  8. m1a1mikegolf

    The basic philosophical differences between Liberalism and Conservatism is:

    Conservatism places more emphasis on the individual while liberalism places more emphasis on the group.

    Conservatism believes in ‘equality of opportunity’ while liberalism is more concerned with ‘equality of result.’

    Conservatism believes that everybody should have to abide by the exact same standards and rules while liberalism believes that there should be different rules for the disadvantaged than for the successful.


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