What democrat had the best showing in tonight’s debates?

By admin ~ October 5th, 2011 @ 11:34 am

Personally, I found Hillary to be the most impressive, followed by Richardson.
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16 Responses to What democrat had the best showing in tonight’s debates?

  1. Stop Global Whining!

    None. Because they’re all Democrats!

  2. Miss Amber

    Are you serious….Hillary lol she couldn’t even keep her cool. I have to go with John Edwards he was the most energized. I like Barack Obama but he seemed tired and a little distant tonight.

  3. johndoe3214

    Who really care they’re going to lose in November!!!!

  4. LEE

    Edwards had the best showing, Obama was flat, Hillary was agressive, Richardson — as always — talks on and on.

  5. Jackie Oh!

    Edwards is on fire lately. His passion is really incredible. I thought he did the best.

  6. Gummy Bear

    Edwards. Obama second. They should run on the same ticket.

  7. Li Tho

    I hate to admit it and my fingers are having a hard time typing this but I agree!!! Well Done Hillary on taking control of the part of the discussion I heard and also taking up for your husband as the “president” instead of the man you married. I Think she presented herself very well

  8. adddictedtomonsterenergy

    Edwards 1st. Obama 2nd, just because he is tired. If either one of them gets the node I think they will put the other one on the ticket. I maybe wrong though. I agree Gummy bear.

  9. CiCi

    Hillary, Richardson, Edwards and Obama all made very decent showings and I think the Democrats are going to be the winners no matter who they choose.

    The Republicans were argumentative and walked all over each other’s comments. McCain’s a decent man but I haven’t studied the others because they’re going to lose no matter who they nominate.

    I just realized that if you rank them Hillary, Edwards, Richardson, Obama they spell HERO! I wouldn’t mind seeing them all in the Presidential cabinet. Together they could make the team of Heros that the world needs right now.

  10. Redcandy


    (In order from Best-Worst)

  11. specialmousepotato

    Definitely Obama. Hillary wishes for Obama’s charisma. She ain’t got what it takes to get people to unite like Obama does. Black preachers who said they support Hillary say their female church members say that Hillary is making their stomachs ache.

  12. ShanniC

    In order:


  13. mrs.snivels

    I agree with you on Hillary doing exceptionally well, i think she defended herself rather nicely and she played offense very strategically. She defiantly made her points very clearly, stated what her campaign was about and didn’t get drowned out amongst the chaos, she totally held her own ground. I do think edwards won the democratic debate though.

  14. Me

    Hillary used a Republican tactic with her attack on Obama and it backfired on her. That served as an easy setup for Edwards to side with Obama and lash back at her. Edwards was handed that on a silver platter.

    The edge in tonight’s debate was quite clear:
    1. Edwards
    2. Obama
    3. Hillary

  15. krystle579

    I agree that Obama has charisma, but I also know a lot of charismatic people who can’t get a thing done. I also was impressed with Hillary. Even though you could see her anger and frustration at times, if you listened to the words she was saying at that moment, they were right on, I felt.

  16. His Divine Shadow

    I am very pro-Obama and anti-Hillary, but I will have to be totally honest, Clinton totally owned up her opponents during the debate. Not only did she address how her experience also makes her a candidate qualified to bring about change (and pointed to her record to further emphasize the point), but she totally called Edwards and Obama on their BS, especially when Edwards tried to shut her down.

    Clinton made the argument that actions speak louder than words, and it is a very good argument. Obama couldn’t stop stuttering when she turned the heat up on him and Edwards just make himself a target by taking his side when he took his first shot at the Senator.

    As a supporter of Obama, I was really disappointed with his performance tonight. =(


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