What are the main differences between communism and democracy?

By admin ~ October 21st, 2011 @ 11:16 pm
What events arose out of America’s fear Of communism?

What was expected of a “good American citizen?

Thanks In Advance, I appreciate the answers.

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  1. coffee favors

    …Communism is the “government” controlling everything and making you think you are an owner of everything… “they” believe “all” wealth should be distributed equally among everyone…which is absolute nonsense as the government takes the biggest “slice” for itself… Democracy is the ability to have personal ownership… to choose who your government is and the ability to regulate your life thru laws that “you” decide upon.

  2. wahm

    communism is the believe that everybody is equal and should be treated equally, democracy uses the majority votes to determine any matter at hand.

  3. automated blogs

    Communism was mostly designed as a system for governing the post-capitalist era in any rich liberal and democratic nation. in this context it has no major difference from democracy. the problem was that it was applied by the wrong people in the wrong places. you’ll need to go back to its pure resources (good old Karl Marx). avoid any kind of soviet or Chinese Maoist propaganda: these are mainly about justifying tyranny….

  4. search engine optimization

    well, that’s a gay question. a commune is supposed to be ideal. but it got out of hand. The chinese government took it and forces their country to be a commune. But democracy is supposed to be part of an american dream, where every one has a say in what goes on, but isnt that basically what a commune is supposed to be?


  5. coffee favors

    One is an economic system. Communism does not prevent democracy it just enables an even distribution of money in the hands of workers. The workers were in possession of the money not the bosses. The thing expected of a ”good American citizen ” was to not share with others to oppose the idea that humans had a right to own the natural resources of the nation. The idea of a right to also conserve such resources does not seem to enter the picture but a ”good” citizen might be expected to oppose such as well even if the extinction of humanity could be the result from decisions based on short term monetary motives.


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