Sight Seeing on the Oregon Coast

By admin ~ October 7th, 2011 @ 10:40 am

If you drive the Oregon Coast for your vacation, there is so much to see that you’ll wish you had more time. Besides the regular tourist attractions there are a variety of tours that you can take about specific items of interest and many are along Highway 101.

You may want to start your sight seeing with one of the popular attractions. The Tillamook Air Museum located 2 miles south of Tillamook, OR is one of the many museums in this area. If you are into airplanes or history, you will want to visit here to see one of the top five privately owned naval collections in the nation.

To enjoy animals in their natural habitat you can travel off the coast highway and go inland to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR. The attraction here is that you will see over 500 animals in their natural habitat, roaming as they would in the wild. As you drive through 4.5 miles of land, be on the look out for animals from Africa, Asia and the America’s. Just remember that they are still wild and don’t get out of the car!

Stepping back in time to 1885 will take you to the Flavel House Museum, a Queen Anne style Victorian Home in Astoria, OR. You will see period furnishings and it will give you an idea of what Astoria was like in this time period. You can imagine who lived here and what it was like to sit in the large rooms and look out from the octagon tower and walk along the verandas.

After looking at these regular attractions you may want to go to some of the specific wonderments in architecture. Remember the movie Pete’s Dragon and all the work around the lighthouse? Well, along the Oregon Coast you will find eight lighthouses that you can actually tour.

These light houses are historically preserving the maritime heritage of the Oregon Coast. Although the lighthouses aren’t used today as they once were because of modern technology, they are a part of the natural landscaped. Most are located on the prominent headlands or near major estuaries that supported maritime activity they now are being preserved for historic displays so you can see what life was like for the light keepers.

Another architectural tour you’ll want to discover is the Highway Bridges along US 101. Conde B. McCullough was a master bridge builder who started building bridges In Oregon in 1919. He thought that bridges could be part of the highway system and that they should be built well and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can see the beauty of these bridges as many of them have been preserved by the Oregon Department of Transportation. You can find a brochure of all the bridges online. The Oregon Coast is truly a place that you will want to come back to more than once.
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