Should the US stop pushing the ideology of democracy in foriegn lands?

By admin ~ October 16th, 2011 @ 1:00 pm

Does it not make sense to lead by example, or is the do as I say not as I do approach the best?
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5 Responses to Should the US stop pushing the ideology of democracy in foriegn lands?

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    You always lead best by example. Some cultures simply are not geared for democracy.

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    We don’t push it as much as so many people think. The countries we do push is because they came to us for aid and part of that we helped them make a more sufficent goverment.

    Japan for example. Previously before WWII, it was a dictatorship. After it was basically run by the united states. They then had one of the biggist economic booms in history and now they are a leader in the free economy. We afer a time in Japan we taught them how to run their new goverment and we were out. They are now better off.

    Still we won’t be able to lead by example of democracy if this country gets any more socialisic.

  3. mom blog

    Yes it should. It didn’t push it’s so called democracy in Zimbabwe and bring it’s so called freedom to the people there from the dictator Robert Mugabe. Double standards by the USA. Oops forgot no oil in Zimbabwe, Chad, or Nepal.

    P.S well put Mick T

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    We should quit meddling in foreign countries, we have many problems here at home, a huge debt, health care problems, energy, pollution, illegal immigration, the economy, the list is long. Besides Europe can afford too do their own military, we could bring all troops home for the most part, leave the subs deployed and concentrate on fixing our house.

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    We don’t push democracy. That’s propaganda. We invade countries for their resources when their democratically elected leaders or dictators don’t play ball with our corporations. If they don’t have democracy, we sure as hell don’t give it to them. We set up puppet regimes that serve our bidding


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