Is it good politics for Republicans to approve Sotomayor?

By admin ~ October 16th, 2011 @ 9:47 am
Since 2000 Republicans have been trying to reach out to Hispanics and women to expand their base. A filibuster of Sotomayor will alienate the Hispanic community and almost guarantee a loss in the 2010 congressional elections.

On the other hand, Republicans may believe that a filibuster of Sotomayor will show America the GOP is true to its values, thereby attracting larger numbers of white, male voters.

So – what does the GOP do here?

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6 Responses to Is it good politics for Republicans to approve Sotomayor?

  1. coupons

    NO, in the dictionary under Racist it says see Sonia Sotomayor!

  2. favor bags

    Its not about being Latino, its about wether she will judge by the law or make up laws by the way she happens to feel about a certain subject.
    Besides we brought up some fine people of latino descent and the dems bitched about them. But now its racist because we happen to disagree with this womens politics. ….Give me a break…Dont piss down my back and tell me its raining

  3. male perfect body

    Repubs are screwed either way.

    When you make your core principles and ideals based on a minority of the population it can only last for so long.

    Until the republican party changes what they stand for they are in a losing stalemate if there is such a thing.

  4. proxy servers

    They are just upset the Obama chose to overlook some similarly qualified white males…no wait, how many similarly qualified white males were raised by single parents in a Bronx housing project, graduated at the top of their class at Princeton AND Yale and have the wide, varied legal experience that Judge Sotomoyor has?

    I heard someone remark that Obama could have nominated a ham sandwich to serve on the court and at least 10 Republican senators would still say that the sandwich was not qualifed.

  5. edible favors

    A Republican filibuster would not alienate Hispanics or women in any way. The case against Sotomayor has nothing to do with her race or gender. It has a lot more to do with comments she made showing that she is racist, sexist, and a judicial activist. The only thing that should be considered in choosing a supreme court justice is the candidate’s record on interpreting law; not his/her gender, ethnicity, or life experiences.

  6. wedding cameras

    The Republican party has painted itself into a corner as your comments imply.

    The party can not win an election with only conservative white male voters.
    The party must expand its base, but in order to do so it must alter a few of its core values. The party has been taken over by people whose values are not shared by the majority of Americans and these people may not allow a shift in values.

    The party has no choice but to approve Sotomayor. By doing this, I don’t expect the party to gain anything. But, if it doesn’t do it, it stands to lose some of the 30% of Hispanics who support the party.


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