Five Reasons Why Barack Obama SHOULD NOT Be President

By admin ~ October 20th, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

Senator Barack Obama is a Democrat currently serving Illinois and has served in the Senate from 2005-Present. He has shown that he is a smooth operator to say the least. And I believe, that, some credit has to go to the company he has been with, over the years. What has he learned from his associations? And, how much of what he has learned, is he employing, into his campaign?

1. Obama started out early in his campaign attacking big business. Apparently Obama does not know that Big Businesses does not pay taxes. They simply raise their prices. And who is it that get the short end of the stick? That’s right! The same ones Obama is claiming, he wants to help.

If you have a good job, now with all of the works; that is, health insurance, dental care, disability insurance, life insurance and pension you are doing well. But not for long. Not under the Obama Plan to attack Big Business so he can pay for all of his social programs. If you are working for a company like the one I described above, with all the works and that company get hit with higher taxes under the Obama Plan, will you be safe? I mean, just suppose the company call a meeting and say to you . . . Listen, over the years we have been able to provide for all of our employees a pension and welfare package. But now, under this new administration, with the increase in taxes, we are sad to have to report, that we are unable to deliver the same kinds of benefits as we once did. No thanks, to your President Barack Obama.

2. What about ten dollars a gallon for gasoline. Barack Obama does not want to drill for more oil. Obama is against it. Obama is against building more nuclear reactors. Nuclear power is important because it is much more environmentally sound compared to coal. If other countries can do it and store their waste safely, then we can do it. And we can do it better than them all combined! The French are recycling their nuke waste to the point it’s safe. The solution? We need to drill here and drill now and pay less!

3. How about a President who gives the green light to the same-sex couples? Obama supports national civil unions giving same-sex couples the same safeguards and rights of marriage. Obama should know (if he is a Christian) that God ordained marriage and God also regulates marriage. Is Obama now trying to take God’s role in regulating marriage? Who Is This Guy? What in the world is he teaching his children? What’s Next? Pet Owners and their Pets seeking their rights to national civil unions, giving Pet Owners and their Pets the same safeguards and rights of marriage.

As it has been said by the so called Reverend Wright: “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor. We speak to two different audiences. And he says what he has to say as a politician.”

4. Obama is just the kind of President our enemies love. Obama said he will meet with our enemies, does this include Osama? Here is a Headline from Jihad Watch June 12, 2008; by Egyptian Journo: “Muslims love Obama because he will appease them.” Fact: The United States has enemies. Fact: We have been told by those who are working day and night to protect us, the CIA, FBI and others; that we will get hit again. Retired Vice Admiral John Scott Redd, head of the National Counterterrorism Center, says, “We have very strong indicators that Al Qaeda is planning to attack the West.”

In an interview at his headquarters near Washington, D.C., Redd told Newsweek’s Mark Hosenball and Jeffrey Bartholet that the country is better prepared than ever to counter such threats. But he also believes another successful terror attack on the U.S. homeland is inevitable.

The question is do Barack Obama believe this or do he believe that whatever problem the Muslim world have against, can be solved by talking and with no pre-conditons set in place? Both cannot be right. Have we or have we not been attacked before? And what about our allies? Haven’t they also been attacked? Is not Israel our ally and who is it that threatens to wipe them off the face of the earth? Yet Israel know that you don’t begin to have a talk with your enemies unconditionally. Barack Obama biggest problem is poor judgment. Obama can sit in a congregation for many years and allow his family to hear hate messages. He just sits there and allow a man to disrespect God and God’s word and lie about our nation.

And look how long it took for Obama to realize, that he needed to denounce his preacher’s teachings, once everyone else found out what was going on, in the church he attended. All of those years he was a member and he just realized, while running for the highest office in the land, that his minister’s teachings, did not reflect his views. Imagine that! This is not the kind of leader we need, to deal with those, who are our enemies. Why! It just takes to long for Obama to get it. If there is ever a clear and present threat, we do not want someone who cannot make a quick and sound judgment.

5. Then there is the case for “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” What is wrong with that statement? Oh! The word ILLEGAL. I know, I know. Some don’t like the term ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. They like the term “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS”. Some people don’t like the term “HOMOSEXUAL” or “ADULTERY”. They like the term “ALTERNATIVE LIFE STYLE”. Why? To try to make it sound more appealing.

Making the point that “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” ruins the American Economy is not hate speech. Saying I hate someone because they’re hispanic is hate speech but Lou Dobbs did not say that. Not only that, Lou Dobbs wife is from Mexico. Therefore Obama again has a judgment problem. Obama has poor judgment.

They have been married 25 years and have two biracial children.. Furthermore, his wife mother and her father lives with them. What Dobbs says is, those who enter illegally demean the status of those who entered legally and cause widespread economic problems both in lower wages and in flooding the social safety net. That is not hateful, that is true. How can one have a case if they are ILLEGAL?

According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute, in 2002 there were 9.3 Undocumented Immigrants in the United States. What part of your social security will Obama grant to them before you, get to retire?

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