What is the Democrat controlled Congress doing to help with the gas prices?

By admin ~ September 12th, 2011 @ 6:01 pm
Or are they just blaming big oil and President Bush. One thing I have seen in this election is that it is a whole lot easier to be against something than to have the fortitude to actually offer a solution and stand by your convictions.
I don’t beleive anyone is doing anything, because they can’t. It’s the market. But I am sick of everyone complaining without offering solutions.

by the way, I am not a republican. i am a card carrying libertarian.
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16 Responses to What is the Democrat controlled Congress doing to help with the gas prices?

  1. Dick Tater

    They are sitting on their thumbs, just like the republicans.

  2. Trollbuster

    Not one single thing, other than vapid finger pointing and blaming.

  3. QBeing

    Raising taxes on employers and producers, so they can pass the cost along to us. Isn’t that there solution to everything?

  4. Canadian Beachbum

    Both sides are sitting on their butts and are both to blame

  5. Wayne G

    they are investing heavily in big oil, and reaping the stock profits. (shhh, don’t tell the dem voters. wouldn’t want to shock them out of their comas.)

  6. ortisthetortoise

    Why, limit the supply of oil and gas, of course!

  7. the d

    absoulutely nothing.

  8. Mr Poopypants

    The same thing the Republican controlled congress did……nothing.

  9. Dart Swinger

    They are mostly hogtied, since Bush vetoes most of their legislation. There’s not much that Congress can do about the gas prices, anyway.

  10. snickers

    They just don’t want us to have ANY kind of Energy sources! They are against coal even! What the…….. !!! Americansolutions.com will explain alot!

  11. Mary L

    BS! Congress is preventing the drilling of our own vast supplies of oil, which would result in lower prices, long term, rather than continually increasing prices.

  12. Steven

    they will make prices higher, they will do that by raising taxes and stop us from getting oil from iraq, aka 6 dollars a gallon when they become president.

  13. Phil M

    Dude, you took the whitehouse based on what you were against……and not a whole lot more.

    ‘I will restore dignity and honor back in the white house’

    If Bill had received his BJ and Cigar Suprise off of Pennsylvania Ave….Bush would probably still be Governor of Texas.

    What is anyone doing to help with the price of gas? Some day you’ll figure out that organizations only make a move when its forced upon them. We, as in you and I, hold the ‘keys’ to our own gas problems for the most part. Start driving your car less, use less electricity while at home, paper bags at the grocery store. Don’t use plastics as often as possible, etc.

    Basically, until we ALL cut our consumption drastically nothing will change. And its not just gas. Oil is used for many, many products. They know how much we all value convenience….we have to prove willing to do something, not just willing to complain.

  14. ndmagicman

    Considering that the oil and gas industry is not regulated by the US government there is very little it can do. Are you advocating for a government run oil industry like so many other countries around the world currently have? India, Venezuela, Mexico, Kuwait, to name a few.

  15. Dwelve

    They are going to continue putting on dog and pony shows for you through out the period of high gas prices. Here is how I look at it, if one is pointing fingers at the other, then why isnt one trying to step up and make a difference. If you are going to talk all this sh*t, back it up then. Yes Bush has asked for Saudis to increase production as our congress has pushed to have the SPR stopped from being filled. Where is the price of oil now? still high, honestly the price of oil should have never reached the point it is at right now, both parties are foul when it comes to policies. Power and money will always drive a person to do wrong.

  16. hdean45

    They want the price to stay up right now and they wont do any thing about it until after the election.. Does that mean that the voters are being used ? Yes they are.


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