What fundamental changes did Dem Campaigns bring to American Politics?

By admin ~ September 2nd, 2011 @ 2:49 am
How did Obama change (if any) the political arena?
How did Hillary change (if any) the political arena?
Were the changes negative or positive to you?

I think the climate has changed permanently.

I don’t usually ask, but if you can please give serious instances of change.

Hold off on promoting or bashing each candidate

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10 Responses to What fundamental changes did Dem Campaigns bring to American Politics?

  1. practical favors

    They turned the party into a party of wacko’s.

  2. candy favors

    He ventured and succeeded in a new way of raising funds for his campaign. He along with Hillary brought more Democrats to vote in the primaries. He showed that most American’s vote fairly regardless of racial issues.

  3. moms thoughts

    The biggest change I’ve seen is the Democratic Party turned from being the party of the people to be the party of rules. The decision by the Rules Committee to give 2 million voters only 1/2 a vote, defied the basic concept of democracy and flew in the face of what the party has stood for over decades. When 30 committee members decided that the ‘rules’ and the process were more important than the people’s vote, the DNC became as anti-democracy as the Republicans.

  4. overstock coupon codes

    The only change I can see is the scary change that there are people out there who actually hate this country.

  5. viral friend generator licensed reseller

    they turned it into a joke

  6. mom blog

    Permanent change in the democratic party as they have behaved just like republicans. I have been a democrat for 40yrs and was really taken back by the fact that the Clinton’s, the only reps for the party that have accomplished anything would just rollover and let so many people down but so is the tone in Washington. We will register as Independents from this day forward!

  7. practical favors

    Starting so early has alienated lot if voters.

  8. glass wedding favors

    – Obama proved that you don’t have to win early in the primaries to be the candidate like is the tradition. He lost early on, but came back to lead.
    – Obama’s victory showed that grassroots and Internet campaigns can have a lot of effect.
    – Hillary brought about Republicans voting for her in the Democratic primaries to keep the Democratic party in a state of confusion. This will be remembered by Republicans as a tactic from now on.
    – Obama brought out the passion of youth to support him.
    – Hillary’s selfishness cost both her and Obama lots of money. Republican hopeful Romney dropped out early to avoid such a fate even though he had a chance to compete with McCain.
    – Hillary showed that even blatantly lying and getting caught(snipers in Bosnia) will not deter people from supporting a candidate.

  9. coupon codes

    neither really changed it rather they ignited a younger less educated in reality group of voters. voters that are fearful of the unknown, fearful of the possibility that they too may need to go to Iraq, the voters of both have not developed the ability to recognize the concept of a story within a story and probably don’t understand the phrase cant see the Forrest for the tree’s. both candidates fed on them like sharks on sharks on schools of mackerel. As to the climate changing permanently I Certainly hope not I choose to hold hope for our future not disaster and I want to believe that our young people aren’t as easily drawn permanently to being a slave to their government but rather wanting to plot their own futures and destines. the Obama and Clinton concept is for sheep not the majestic Lion.

  10. cms themes

    They both brought positive change. Mrs Clinton….. All little girls will look back at this time and know that they too can be what ever they want and that means running for the presidency. Although she did not get the nomination she is a winner to all women.

    Sen. Obama…. All minority groups will now know that they too have a chance.

    They made it OK for people to hope again.
    The changes are positive

    A Woman and an African American this is one for the history books I am glad to be a Democrat and every Democrat should be proud of this time.

    The Republicans will never have an event like this to be proud of maybe not in my life time.


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