What are the stats on political party affiliation of soldiers in Iraq?

By admin ~ September 29th, 2011 @ 11:29 am
Looking for the political party affiliation statistics on our soldiers in Iraq or if they have been polled. Any links are appreciated. Thank you.
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12 Responses to What are the stats on political party affiliation of soldiers in Iraq?

  1. douglas l

    Most likely overwhelmingly Republican. I served in the first Gulf War and I was a democrat as I am now. Back then I pretty much kept that to myself.

  2. willow7272

    they cant really talk about it. they cant say anything bad about the commander and chief. my fiancee is in the army and cant stand the current administration. he says there are a lot of people that feel the same why he does.

  3. Marcus

    I don’t have any official statistics for you but, I’m an Iraq War veteran. I would say that the percentages mirror that of the general population, perhpas slightly more Republican. However, there are a lot of minorities in the Army and minorities tend to be democrats a majority of the time.

    I’m not say all of the white guys in the Army are Republican and all of the Minorities are Democrats, that’s not the case at all…..I’m saying that it is a mixed bag, just like the real world.

    I can tell you that when you’re in Iraq you forget about politics, skin color, sexual orientation and religion and you start worrying about protecting yourself and the guy or girl next to you. Everything else goes right out the window.

  4. vampire13r

    The FOX””””NEWS”””” Propagandist will try to tell you that the military is overwhelmingly Republican but, if you look at who the Representatives are for areas whee the bases are that doesn’t hold water.

  5. Balsabulb Y

    Leslie, wish I could remember where I got this from. Sorry, senior moment. Stats show over 80% of military will and do vote Republican.

    Would be one reason that Dem’s tried so hard to get military vote count not counted in 2000 in Florida and also in 2004.

    Don’t know exact percentages…but…you can bet your last leslie bippy, it’s way in favor of republicans when it comes to voting for POTUS.

  6. Spicoli

    walking around crippled.

    p.s. in nc, the army base areas are overwhelmingly democrat.

  7. juanes addicion

    This may not mean much but ….let’s think about this a bit…

    Clinton cut the ARMY into HALF..IT LOST 50% OF ITS FORCE…

    Other than Clinton we have had Republicans in office since Jan 1981 with Reagan…Military is pretty used to voting republican…but due to issues with dissent, military members will NOT bash their commander-in-chief! (even when it was Clinton)

  8. Tokoloshimani

    Don’t know, but I reckon most of them are seriously considering voting Dem in ’08.

  9. natsugusa

    Here are statitics to your satisfaction:

    “Among officers, who represent roughly 15 percent of today’s 1.4 million active duty military personnel, there are about eight Republicans for every Democrat, according to a 1999 survey by Duke University political scientist Peter Feaver. Enlisted personnel, however – a disproportionate number of whom are minorities, a population that tends to lean Democratic – are more evenly split. Professor Feaver estimates that about one third of enlisted troops are Republicans, one third Democrats, and the rest independents, with the latter group growing.”

    That’s about right.

    By the way, when “The Military Times” polled troops on the last election, the results (as reported by the good Professor Feaver) looked like this:

    “By an astonishing 72 to 17 percent margin, the active-duty military personnel who took the survey favored Bush over Kerry (Guard and Reserve respondents favored Bush, 73 to 18 percent). Frankly, the margin greatly exceeds anything that I or any other analyst had expected.”

    However, that was the last election. It is now a whole new ballgame. And there are a lot of bitter, bitter, active duty servicemembers right now.

  10. shawn c

    when i was in the marines, the vast majority of enlisted who actually gave a crap about politics, which the majority dont, were republican. all personell care about who the president is and what he does, but as long as he takes care of the military they will support him, and the current administration does take far better care of the military than the last administration.

  11. Deathbunny

    Most likely the difference is in philosophy:

    Republicans tend to see things in terms of personal responsibility to family and society plus taking action to do what needs to be done…

    …which fits with military service pretty well.

    Most Democrats think in terms of what government can do for them or to further their own philosophy of justice…

    …which can be very antagonistic to members of military units and create hostility in military service.

    So, the reported distribution is very unsurprising.

  12. m1a1mikegolf

    The vast majority tend to agree with Republican policies.

    People seem to forget that the troops tend to believe in what they are doing. If we lose in Iraq the troops are going to blame the Democrats.


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