Does America really want to remain a democracy?

By admin ~ September 8th, 2011 @ 4:03 pm
With one justice system for the wealthy and another justice system for the poor, are we really a democracy anymore anyway?

When only millionaires can even afford to run for office,are we really a democracy anymore anyway?

With both Republicans and Democrats so controlled by lobbyists with deep pockets, are we really a democracy anymore anyway?

With a violent, overcrowded and authoritarian public school system dedicated to graduating teens who can’t even fully read, are we really a democracy anymore anyway?

With the worst health care system in the Western world, are we really a democracy anymore anyway?

Conservatives, no personal insults, please. Please just respond with ideas.

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20 Responses to Does America really want to remain a democracy?

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    Bush ruined this country’s reputation.

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    Communism, all the way.

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    No, I’d much rather live under Communism. idiot… 🙂

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    i think they diserve a dictatorship

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    We’re not a Democracy.

    We’re a Republic.

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    It really is a lot of work. I don’t think I am alone when I say it is time for a Dictator. Hopefully one better than Bush though.

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    Good for you.

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    Silly, America hasn’t been a democracy for a long time.

    I appreciate this question. I think more people need to think about this kind of stuff.

    You are absolutely correct.

    As Ani put it:
    Three truths we hold self evident
    #1 George W. Bush is not president
    #2 America is not a true democracy
    #3 The media is not fooling me.

    Take care. Happy 4th. Lets all remember the TRUE meaning of our independence day.

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    Well I just want socialism where the government can take 50% of all my money away, and give it to someone who doesn’t work.

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    They do not want to maintain democracy read behold a pale horse by william cooper. I now am starting my own country on American soil and refuse to follow any more senseless laws especially any law that takes away my first amendment right to free speech and my second amendment right to bear arms.

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    Democracy is where people make their own choices. It’s the teen’s fault if they decide they’re too cool to read. Then, they’re f**ked for the rest of their life.

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    Socialist (liberal) ideas are being cast aside in favor of democracy. Could you imagine an America as an islamic or communist country. While I agree that their are drawbacks to our way of life we are free to do what we please.
    Only the dumocrats say we have bad healthcare her, if it is so terrible why do others come to the US for treament? As far as the school systems most of the administration is elected and funded by taxpayers(voters) who have a responsibility to their children to elect the right people for the job. Any one is free to run for president in this country even poor people as lon as you meet the requirements. What would in your opinion make us a better country? Seriously I would like to hear

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    Yes, and a far better one then any other. I would far rather live with all those faults (by the way we don’t have the worst health care system in the western world that might be your opinion and that of certain labor unions but its far better then most others).

    We do get to select a new millionaire every 4 years and the old one leaves after no more then 8 years no matter what. We have two diametrically opposed parties until they both get bought (like on immigration) but then we have the ability to complain to them with out fear of disappearing in the middle of the night.

    Yes we have a democracy of sorts and its a darn good one.

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    Well, the people want this to remain a democracy but this country seems to be heading more and more to communism. Not saying we will ever raise a big red flag over our nations capitol but we will always be masked with the term Democracy by all of our wonderful bureaucratic government officials.
    Oh yeah…Mr. or Mrs. “stung4ever” We “WERE” a republic.

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    Another two years in office and the Bush administration would of destroy democracy. But since the election is around the corner, and with all the corruption on Capital Hill these days, you can best be assured that whomever takes office is going to clean up things. It’s not going to be an easy task though because Bush and his buddies being the worst administration in U.S. history have really worked one over on the American population, the new president will be under the spot light and will probably clean up things.

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    For one thing, we are a Democratic Republic, not a Democracy. The rest of your argument supports facts not in evidence.

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    No i don’t think we’re still a democratic country cause Bush ruined this country. And we don’t need dictatorship Heck and i’d rather live like this than in communism >:(

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    hello,,America does not exist anymore,,she has been replaced with a nation led by thugs and scammers twisted into a tight knot and left to defend herself from the politicians that milk her dry,,where is the new land now? hopefully Bigfoot has an army hidden in the hills and will come to rescue us

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    With all due respect, is there a question in all of that? You have just preached all of your opinions on the subject but have responded with little to back it up.

    Take for example, your health care concern. While the American health care system isn’t perfect, the truth is that virtually all of the major advances in health care have come from the United States. This is because we have a (somewhat) incentive based system which allows for such innovations.

    When one compares service times and overall quality of service, one finds that the American system is much more effective than most of the socialized systems in place in the rest of the western world.

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    I commend you on your question, very thought provoking. I think people choose to live in the dark about a lot of the things you spoke of. It is so much easier to simply say “God bless America” and “We’re number one” then go back to watching American Idol. People do not like wave makers, denial is so comforting. I think one of the main things we can do to take back our Government from the hands of Corporate lobbyists is to privatize elections, that levels the playing field, and for SERIOUS lobby reform. I think if we take the temptation of money away from the politicians, who are so easily corrupted, we will see a much needed change for the better in our Representation.


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