As a Democrat, would I have a promising political career in Alaska?

By admin ~ September 16th, 2011 @ 6:59 am
I would love to go into politics in Alaska when I grow up, but I feel that since I’m a democrat, I have no chances at having a successful career in Alaska. Do you think I could have any promise? Please include information in your answer, and why or why not I would have a successful political career in Alaska.
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4 Responses to As a Democrat, would I have a promising political career in Alaska?

  1. NikkiBabii<3

    I don’t know how the parties differ in Alaska but It would NOT hurt to have another democrat politically active in this country. By all means try.

  2. losersrdems

    To answer your question;

    If you don’t support drilling in ANWR, don’t bother. Alaskans overwhelmingly support north shore development. Polls show 60 to 70 percent support among Alaskans for drilling in the refuge.

  3. moonman

    Do you have money or know someone who will let you spend theirs on a campaign? Other than that it is hard to predict what the political climate will be anywhere when you are looking years down the road. If you think your ideas are best for the state and you can sell them, then you might have a chance.

  4. Dead Marxist

    Although I’m not a Democrat, you certainly have my support

    I encourage as many Democrats as possible to go to Alaska, and even Siberia if they’re so inclined


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