Ancient Greek Alexander Brought Democracy to Asia

By admin ~ September 10th, 2011 @ 10:06 am

A study of the life of Alexander the Great and the people around him and those who opposed him is a fascinating study of a complex, brilliant, open hearted man who conquered so much territory that newly invaded peoples came to see him, as then did he, as a god. And that can undo any good man, and has, often.

We know the boyhood stories of Alexander: taught deep thoughts by his special tutor, Aristotle in cultivated Athens, full of brilliant questions, but often answering his thoughts himself with quick action. For example, that Gordian knot, a huge rope so tightly woven together that legend in this part of Persia allowed that he who could undo the knot was destined to rule the world. Alexander, his victorious soldiers busy looting the city, studied the huge knot, walked around it, rubbed his chin, then quickly pulled his sword above his head, and. The Gordian Knot had been undone.

Yet Alexander and his closest advisers and Generals could sense fear, after their ten thousand men had routed one hundred thousand soldiers of Persia, who were fleeing or joining the forces of Alexander. After having chased and dispatched with haste mighty Emperor Darius, Alexander left the beautiful wife and daughters undisturbed, gently cared for, until they gradually became as honored members of his court, being treated in public as treasured members of new Greek Persia.

And soon, many codes and edicts were being distributed to the people of Persia, all in Greek to them, but allowing greater freedoms, rights of assembly: women were to be respected by all, a citizen of Persia could lay a complaint against a Greek for any infractions of the new laws of rights for all. In 333 B.C.E., this was a rare new ruler.

It could be argued that the rights of women were more respected under the fearsome warrior Alexander than they are in West Asia today. That legacy remains in the distant memory of some, as there are still lads named Alexander and lasses called Roxanne living in central Asia today.

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